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Baby Firefly.Baby Firefly.
My Little Pony collection (26-Jun-2005) Part 29

Firefly and Baby Firefly.Firefly and Baby Firefly.
My Little Pony collection (26-Jun-2005) Part 32


'Pinwheel.' Pinwheel was taking the baby ponies..."Pinwheel." Pinwheel was taking the baby ponies for an afternoon stroll when a sudden gust of wind blew Baby Firefly's bonnet high into the sky. The baby ponies giggled as the bonnet twirled around like a top, then fluttered to the ground. "The west wind is playing a game with us," Pinwheel explained. "Now it's our turn."

First, Pinwheel arranged hundreds of smooth, shiny pebbles in a large circle on the ground. With a blink of her eyes and a shake of her rainbow mane, Pinwheel's unicorn magic turned the stones into a brightly colored, spinning ferris wheel. "Hop on," Pinwheel said to the baby ponies, helping them into their seats.

As the west wind puffed harder and harder, the ferris wheel spun faster and faster.

"What a wonderful ride," the baby ponies exclaimed as the ferris wheel stopped. Pinwheel handed each baby pony a special pinwheel toy with her name on it as they jumped off the ride. What a wonderful afternoon it was, playing with the wind!
My Little Pony backcard stories part 2: Year Three (16-Oct-2012)