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Moogle (Anthony Walker) in the Pikachu costume.Moogle (Anthony Walker) in the Pikachu costume.
Mikomicon 2 part 2: Friday (07-Sep-2007)

Wes Bartel (aka Cerberus or Bronyx) and Anthony...Wes Bartel (aka Cerberus or Bronyx) and Anthony Walker (Moogle) dressed as "Saturn" (as seen on the flyer).
Mikomicon 2 part 4: Saturday (08-Sep-2007)

Moogle (Anthony Walker) and Jason Osborne.Moogle (Anthony Walker) and Jason Osborne.
Pacific Media Expo 4 part 5: Friday Night (09-Nov-2007)

Moogle (Anthony Walker).Moogle (Anthony Walker).
Pacific Media Expo 4 part 14: Sunday (11-Nov-2007)

Pacific Media Expo 4 part 20: Sunday (11-Nov-2007)


Kaistar, Moogle (Anthony Walker), Kat and Saturn...Kaistar, Moogle (Anthony Walker), Kat and Saturn (Jarrod Mays).
Anime Los Angeles 4 part 6: Late Thursday Night (04-Jan-2008)


Anthony Walker ('Moogle') and Jarrod Mays...Anthony Walker ("Moogle") and Jarrod Mays ("Saturn").
Anime Los Angeles 6 part 32: Sunday Evening (10-Jan-2010)

Thomas Abrahams and Moogle (Anthony Walker).Thomas Abrahams and Moogle (Anthony Walker).
Pacific Media Expo 2010 part 3: Friday night (12/13-Nov-2010)


Moogle (Anthony Walker).Moogle (Anthony Walker).
Anime Los Angeles 7 part 25: Prep (03-06-Jan-2011)


Judy Coffin and Anthony Walker (Moogle).Judy Coffin and Anthony Walker (Moogle).
Anime Los Angeles 9 part 11: General Meeting (18-Nov-2012)


Anthony Walker (Moogle) and someone; Scott at...Anthony Walker (Moogle) and someone; Scott at right (obscured).
LASFS/Aftermeetings part 509: Coral Cafe (07/08-Feb-2013)

Steven Holeman and Anthony Walker ('Moogle').Steven Holeman and Anthony Walker ("Moogle").
LASFS/Aftermeetings part 516: Coral Cafe (25-Apr-2013)

Judy Coffin, staff, and Anthony Walker, Logistics...Judy Coffin, staff, and Anthony Walker, Logistics Division Head.
Anime Los Angeles 10 part 3: Logistics Division (27-Jul-2013)

Anthony Walker ('Moogle'), Matt Lewis, and Julia...Anthony Walker ("Moogle"), Matt Lewis, and Julia Doolittle.
Anime Los Angeles 10 part 10: Executive Meetings (12-Oct-2013)

Anthony Walker ('Moogle').Anthony Walker ("Moogle").
Loscon 40 part 1: Borrowing equipment from the PODS (23-Nov-2013)

Anime Los Angeles 10 part 13: Executive Meetings (16-Nov-2013)


Warren 'Whisky' Johnson in dark green (Video Game...Warren "Whisky" Johnson in dark green (Video Game Room), Regina Reynante in purple flowers (Parent's Lounge), Genny Dazzo (Hospitality Division) standing, Ed Hooper in blue jeans, legs crossed (Sales to Members), Anthony Walker in bright neon yellow (Logistics Division), Niki La Teer in blue at right (Manga Lounge).
Anime Los Angeles 11 part 37: Wrap-up Meeting (31-Jan-2015)