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Jennifer Weaver and Andrew RichKandis Holliday in the chair, Andrew Rich next to...
Puffinopolis Potluck Party (Mar-1997)

Andrew Rich, technical support (Nov-1997)Andrew Rich, technical support (Nov-1997)
Loscon 24 Newszine Staff, Part 2 (Nov-1997)


Andrew Rich and Scott MartinAndrew Rich and Scott Martin
At the Crosbys (Jan-1998)

Jennifer's Wedding Day (Nov-1998)


Anastasia's Picture Gallery: Loscon 26 part 4, Friday Night (26-Nov-1999)

Loscon 26 part 15, Saturday Night (27-Nov-1999)

Loscon 26 part 24, Sunday (28-Nov-1999)

All in all, the wig seems to look the most natural...All in all, the wig seems to look the most natural on Andrew Rich.
Pat's Picture Gallery: Conucopia: The Wig in the Newsroom (Aug-1999)


Jennifer Rich, Andrew Rich.Jennifer Rich, Andrew Rich.
Christmas 2004, Part 4: At the Crosbys (26-Dec-2004)