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Cynthia Gonsalves in black shirt, Amy ('AmyCat')...Cynthia Gonsalves in black shirt, Amy ("AmyCat") Carpenter. John in beanie behind them.
Westercon 54, Portland Part 11: Friday (06-Jul-2001)

Agamemcon 5 Part 5: Friday Evening (08-Jun-2001)

Agamemcon 5 Part 10: Sat/Sun (Jun-2001)

Loscon 28 Part 17, Saturday Night (24/25-Nov-2001)


ConDor 10, Part 15: Saturday Night (01-Mar-2003)

Amy ('AmyCat') Carpenter's cat.Amy ("AmyCat") Carpenter's cat.
Torcon 3 part 43: Friday Evening (29-Aug-2003)

Amy ('AmyCat') Carpenter and Danny Cat.Amy ("AmyCat") Carpenter and Danny Cat.
Pat's Picture Gallery: Loscon 30 Part 63: Friday Evening (28-Nov-2003)


Kate Evans comes up behind as Amy ('AmyCat')...Kate Evans comes up behind as Amy ("AmyCat") Carpenter turns to us.
Loscon 31, Part 14: Sunday (28-Nov-2004)


Amy ('AmyCat') Carpenter.Amy ('AmyCat') Carpenter and Danny Cat.
CascadiaCon (2005 NASFiC) part 22: Late Friday Night (03-Sep-2005)


Kate Evans, Amy ('AmyCat') Carpenter holding 'Alys...Kate Evans, Amy ("AmyCat") Carpenter holding "Alys Moggie Catnip" stuffy (Renaissance moggie), and Chris Marble.
Conzilla (Westercon 59 in San Diego), part 6: Saturday Evening (01-Jul-2006)

Amy ('AmyCat') Carpenter with 'Jack O'Neill' wolf...Amy ("AmyCat") Carpenter with "Jack O'Neill" wolf (in civvies, being a Party Animal).
Conzilla (Westercon 59 in San Diego), part 19: Monday Evening (03-Jul-2006)


Amy ('AmyCat') Carpenter.Amy ("AmyCat") Carpenter.
ConDor 14 part 1: Friday/Saturday (02/03-Mar-2007)

Amy ('AmyCat') Carpenter at Book Universe table in...Amy ('AmyCat') Carpenter with Danny Cat.
ConDor 14 part 9: Sunday (04-Mar-2007)

Amy ('AmyCat') Carpenter.Amy ('AmyCat') Carpenter.
Loscon 34 part 20: Late Friday Night (24-Nov-2007)


Amy ('AmyCat') Carpenter and 'Harry Potter' cat...Amy ('AmyCat') Carpenter and 'Harry Potter' cat...
Loscon 36 part 8: Late Friday Night (28-Nov-2009)