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Akiko Mingoth, Blake Rothwell. Drinks were...Akiko Mingoth, Blake Rothwell. Drinks were available by donation. (Usual donation was C$1 for a pop and C$2 for bheer.) They also sold sandwiches for C$4, which is comparable to the prices at the Mac's/Subway up the street.
Con-Version 19 Part 7 - Friday (09-Aug-2002)

Akiko Mingoth.Akiko Mingoth.
Con-Version 19 Part 11 - Friday Night (09/10-Aug-2002)

Phil Liesmer, Akiko Mingoth, and someone else in...Con Suite. Brad Latus and Jake Steel standing in...
Con-Version 19 Part 20 - Sunday Night, Dead Dog (11/12-Aug-2002)

Akiko Mingoth, Phil Liesmer.Akiko Mingoth, Phil Liesmer.
Con-Version 19 Part 21 - Sunday Night, Dead Dog (11/12-Aug-2002)