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Cathy Mullican, Aahz.Cathy Mullican, Aahz.
Baycon 2001, Part 3 (26-May-2001)

Loscon 28 Part 13, Saturday (24-Nov-2001)


Loscon 30 Part 111: Saturday Evening (29-Nov-2003)


Baycon 2004 part 8: Late Friday Night (29-May-2004)

Baycon 2004 part 21: Sunday Late Night (31-May-2004)

Baycon 2004 part 22: Sunday Late Night (31-May-2004)

Steve (last name withheld by request) in vest at...Steve (last name withheld by request) in vest at left, various others including Aahz in black t-shirt next to the row of chairs; Jerry Pournelle in white towards the back.
Loscon 31, Part 3: Friday (26-Nov-2004)