Things around the house (Jan/Apr-2017)

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9821-01 high-res image, 9821-02 high-res image.
We're getting new light fixtures in the kitchen.
(Wednesday 18-Jan-2017 08:52:23)

9821-03 high-res image, 9821-04 high-res image.
The guy painting the kitchen ceiling.
(Wednesday 25-Jan-2017 10:28:46)

9821-059821-05 high-res image
New lights in the kitchen.
(Wednesday 25-Jan-2017 10:55:04)

9821-069821-06 high-res image
Monica's friend loading Maria's treadmill.
(Sunday 23-Apr-2017 11:48:45)

9821-07 high-res image, 9821-08 high-res image.
Monica Maytorena and Maria Rodriguez supervise the load of the treadmill.
(Sunday 23-Apr-2017 11:48:50)

9821-099821-09 high-res image
This Chinese tapestry was brought back from China by my parents in the 1980s. The Shanghai (or wherever) pricetag is still attached.
(Sunday 23-Apr-2017 11:53:53)

9821-109821-10 high-res image
An old photo of Chaz, tiki art by Selina Phanara on either side of "Angry Moses" (aka "Creepy Guy") and an old photo of Lynn.
(Sunday 23-Apr-2017 11:55:36)

9821-119821-11 high-res image
Old photo of Chaz Boston Baden, and tiki art by Selina Phanara.
(Sunday 23-Apr-2017 11:55:51)

9821-129821-12 high-res image
Three Chinese brush paintings by Jocelyn Baden, a quilt tapestry by Mary Jane Jewell, and othere art pieces.
(Sunday 23-Apr-2017 11:57:02)

9821-139821-13 high-res image
The Parlor, with the Chinese chest and my great-aunt's magic mirror.
(Sunday 23-Apr-2017 11:57:39)

9821-149821-14 high-res image
Self-portrait of Chaz Boston Baden in Maria's room.
(Sunday 23-Apr-2017 11:58:31)

9821-159821-15 high-res image
White blender. I've added this to my party kit, and sometimes bring it to parties.
(Sunday 23-Apr-2017 12:03:56)

9821-169821-16 high-res image
We have too many sewing machines.
(Sunday 23-Apr-2017 12:05:03)

9821-179821-17 high-res image
Maria has a couple of her sewing machines and her small ironing board set up in the living room.
(Sunday 23-Apr-2017 12:06:23)

9821-189821-18 high-res image
We have too many irons, too.
(Sunday 23-Apr-2017 12:06:37)