Maria and her projects (Jan/Feb/Apr-2017)

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Thanks to Maria Rodriguez for caption help on this page.

9820-019820-01 high-res image
Maria Rodriguez on her way.
(Thursday 12-Jan-2017 08:55:38)

9820-029820-02 high-res image
Maria Rodriguez working on her Wonder Woman cocktail dress. Lynn Baden lower right.
(Saturday 11-Feb-2017 21:03:54)

9820-039820-03 high-res image
Maria's finishing up a "Monster High" quilt for Aurora.
(Friday 20-Jan-2017 15:14:39)

9820-049820-04 high-res image
Maria's made a rainbow scented candle.
(Saturday 11-Feb-2017 21:04:20)

9820-05 high-res image, 9820-06 high-res image, 9820-07 high-res image, 9820-08 high-res image.
Maria Rodriguez and her 1920s outfit.
(Saturday 01-Apr-2017 16:56:45)

9820-099820-09 high-res image
Maria Rodriguez.
(Saturday 29-Apr-2017 10:45:16)

9820-109820-10 high-res image
Maria Rodriguez made herself a reversible sweatshirt, themed for Captain Marvel and Batwoman.
(Saturday 29-Apr-2017 18:27:04)