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9657-019657-01 high-res image
Box 1: Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon: A portrait of the Ang Lee Film;
Quickhand: a self-teaching guide;
Handbook of Programming Languages: Little Languages and Tools;
EasyScript Express: Shorthand made simple;
American Sketches;
The MLA's Line by Line: How to edit your own writing;
Principia Discordia;
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland in the Nyctographic Square Alphabet;
The Historian;
A Tour of the Calculus;
The Romanovs;
Cloud Atlas;
The Earth Will Shake;
The Widow's Son;
Le Morte d'Arthur Vol. 2;
Grendel. (DW)
(Monday 01-May-2017 19:54:40)

9657-239657-23 high-res image
Quickhand: A sel-teaching guide, by Jeremy Grossman. (Box 1)
(Tuesday 02-May-2017 12:32:11)

9657-24 high-res image, 9657-25 high-res image.
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland: An edition printed in the Nyctographic Square Alphabett devised by Lewis Carroll. With a Foreword by Alan Tannenbaum. (box 1)
(Tuesday 02-May-2017 12:32:41)

9657-029657-02 high-res image
Box 2: The Intonation of American English;
Problems in the origins and development of the English language;
The Practice of Programming;
The reactive keyboard;
Clustering algorithms;
A Manual of Style;
English Syntax: alternate edition;
Radical pragmatics;
Esperanto: Learning and Using the International Language;
A Dictionary of Linguistics;
Dictionary of American English;
Growth and Structure of the English Language;
First-Order Functional Calculus;
Introduction to Many-Valued Logics;
Swift: The Viking Portable Library;
Masks of the Illuminati. (DW)
(Monday 01-May-2017 19:57:44)

9657-269657-26 high-res image
A Dictionary of Linguistics, by Mario A. Pei and Frank Gaynor. Philosophical Library, New York. (Box 2)
(Tuesday 02-May-2017 12:25:31)

9657-279657-27 high-res image
First-Order Functional Calculus, by Geoffrey Keene; Introduction to Many Valued Logics, by R. Ackermann. both Dover Publications Inc.; Swift: The Viking Portable Library, ed. Carl Van Doren. The Viking Press. (Box 2)
(Tuesday 02-May-2017 12:26:56)

9657-039657-03 high-res image
Box 3: Parliamentary procedure at a glance;
Anglo-American cataloguing rules;
The Bell Curve;
God created the integers;
A history of pi;
The structure of English;
Special Topics in Calamity Physics;
Chinese Astrology;
The Teachings of Don Juan: A Separate Reality;
Word & object;
Surreal Numbers;
Tales of Secret Egypt. (DW)
(Monday 01-May-2017 19:59:55)

9657-289657-28 high-res image
Surreal Numbers, by D. E. Knuth, Addison-Wesley Publishing Company; Tales of Secret Egypt, by Sax Rohmer, A. L. Burt Company, New York. (box 3)
(Tuesday 02-May-2017 12:29:04)

9657-299657-29 high-res image
Surreal Numbers, by D. E. Knuth, Addison-Wesley Publishing Company (Box 3)
(Tuesday 02-May-2017 12:29:17)

9657-309657-30 high-res image
Tales of Secret Egypt, by Sax Rohmer, A. L. Burt Company, New York. (box 3)
(Tuesday 02-May-2017 12:29:38)

9657-049657-04 high-res image
Box 4: Secretary's fingertip guide to capitalization, word compounding, abbreviations and numerals;
Tempia Graphica: A Generic Graphical Editor for the Macintosh;
Computer Programming for Spatial Problems;
Words into Type;
Statistical analysis for business decisions;
Document Formatting & Typesetting on thee UNIX System;
Fourier Analysis of Time Series: An Introduction;
Torn Wings and Faux Pas;
The Little, Brown Handbook;
Practical guide to writing;
Modern linguistics;
The Elements of Style;
Basic bookbinding;
How we talk: American English today;
Story plotting simplified;
Caesar's Gallic War (C. Ivli Caesaris De Bello Gallico Libri VII);
Principals of mathematical analysis. (DW)
(Monday 01-May-2017 20:03:33)

9657-319657-31 high-res image
The Book of JOB; Spanish-English/English-Spanish Dictionary; The Queen of Spades, by A.S. Pushkin, Sir Isaac Pitman & Sons, Ltd.; Tao Ching, by Stephen Mitchell. (Box 5)
(Tuesday 02-May-2017 12:36:43)

9657-32 high-res image, 9657-33 high-res image.
C. Iuli Caesaris, De Bello Gallico Libri VII: Caaear's Gallic War, by Harry F. Towle and Paul R. Jenks. D.C. Heath & Co., Publishers. (Box 4)
(Tuesday 02-May-2017 12:39:05)

9657-059657-05 high-res image
Box 5: The engines of creation;
Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha;
A Syntax-Oriented Translator;
The Magic Machine: A Handbook of Computer Sorcery;
Brief numerical methods;
Compilers: Principles, Techniques, and Tools;
The Design and Analysis of Computer Algorithms;
Numerical recipes: The Art of Scientific Computing;
Calendrical Calculations;
Basic machine principles;
Assmblers and loaders;
Riddles in History;
The Devil's DP Dictionary;
The Book of JOB;
Spanish-English/English-Spanish dictionary;
The Queen of Spades, by Pushkin;
Tao Ching. (DW)
(Monday 01-May-2017 20:06:44)

9657-069657-06 high-res image
Box 6: Spanish for Dummies;
Applied combinatorics;
Mark Twain: God's Fool;
Data Analysis and Regression;
EDA: Exploratory Data Analysis;
Loglan 1: A logical language;
What's funny - and why;
Elementary number theory;
The emperor's children;
The horse's mouth;
The Cassell dictionary of word and phrase origins;
Mathematics today;
Robert's rules of order newly revised. (DW)
(Monday 01-May-2017 20:14:45)

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