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9387-019387-01 high-res image
My bowling shirt. Not quite an aloha shirt, but festive enough to earn a spot in the collection.
(Monday 17-Nov-2014 11:37:26)

9387-029387-02 high-res image
I'm pretty sure Rebecca Rowan made this one. I call it my Flying Saucer shirt.
(Tuesday 18-Nov-2014 17:48:20)

9387-039387-03 high-res image
Blue Rocket Ship shirt.
(Wednesday 19-Nov-2014 17:45:40)

9387-049387-04 high-res image
Lynn has a shirt just like it -- in fact, sometimes we accidentally put both of them in the same closet.
(Thursday 20-Nov-2014 17:05:36)

9387-059387-05 high-res image
My mother made this shirt for me at the beginning of the project. The print is called "Dragon princess." Please disregard the discoloration on the bottom half of the shirt! I wore this a lot when I started attending anime conventions.
(Friday 21-Nov-2014 13:29)

9387-06 high-res image, 9387-07 high-res image.
This is one of the first pair of shirts that Maria Rodriguez made for me, which I received as Christmas gifts that year. This one has a flying saucer motif, the other one has dragons and books.
(Monday 24-Nov-2014 16:22:14)

9387-089387-08 high-res image
This is my "green/flamingo" shirt. I have several shirts with flamingos! Lynn has one that matches it.
(Tuesday 25-Nov-2014 16:19:22)

9387-099387-09 high-res image
This is my black/flamingos shirt. (I used to have another one that was black with flamingos and palm trees, but we found a rip in it, and so we decided to discard it. That shirt, however, was immortalized on a caricature that I've used on my notecard stationery.)
(Wednesday 26-Nov-2014 14:29:10)

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