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9377-019377-01 high-res image
Fabric was from my mother's stash, made into a shirt for me by Matthew.
(Monday 03-Nov-2014 12:08:20)

9377-029377-02 high-res image
This is one of the shirts that started the whole project. I purchased a few, and decided I wanted more aloha shirts in my life, and started shopping for fabric to have them made locally by my friends and relations. This shirt has a Hawaiian turtle motif.
(Tuesday 04-Nov-2014 14:35:02)

9377-039377-03 high-res image
Fabric designed by "Scuttlebutt Inc." for Animé Los Angeles volunteer headbands. Shirt made by Rebecca.
(Wednesday 05-Nov-2014 15:44:28)

9377-049377-04 high-res image
Maria made this shirt, from one of the first batches of fabric I bought. It's from the second run of shirts that she made for me.
(Thursday 06-Nov-2014 16:27:06)

9377-059377-05 high-res image
The cake in my hand is because it was the 20th and 30th work anniversaries for two of my cow-orkers. Maria made this shirt, and I received it as a Christmas present, many years ago. She made two shirts, that first time. This one is blue with colorful dragons.
(Friday 07-Nov-2014 13:30:10)

9377-069377-06 high-res image
This is my "tiger shirt." I bought this fabric early in the project, and my mother made the shirt for me.
(Thursday 13-Nov-2014 12:45:24)

9377-079377-07 high-res image
This fabric is all Marvel comic book covers. Maria made herself a sundress with this print, and a year later she made me this shirt. We have an understanding that we won't wear them on the same day.
(Tuesday 11-Nov-2014 13:52)

9377-089377-08 high-res image
The shirt I'm wearing today is made from fabric I purchased at the beginning of the project (ca. 2005). My mother started work on it, but she got sick and Maria completed the project. A button's been replaced; if I see matching green buttons, I'd definitely like to swap out that one white one.
(Wednesday 12-Nov-2014 11:27:44)

9377-099377-09 high-res image
My mother made me this shirt, at the beginning of the project. I've seen Nancy Hay wear the same fabric print.
(Thursday 13-Nov-2014 19:13:56)

9377-109377-10 high-res image
Maria made this a year after the previous batch of comic book shirts.
(Friday 14-Nov-2014 14:18:40)

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