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9376-019376-01 high-res image
A closet full of shirts. A ten-year project to transform my daily wardrobe.
(Sunday 19-Oct-2014 10:30:06)

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I can wear a different shirt to work every day for three months. This shirt with partying monsters was made recently by Maria, from fabric that I bought ca. 2005.
(Monday 20-Oct-2014 15:35:16)

9376-039376-03 high-res image
This purple flower/waterfall shirt was also made by Maria recently, from fabric purchased during my first year of fabric-shopping.
(Tuesday 21-Oct-2014 17:23:26)

9376-049376-04 high-res image
This dark blue shirt with flowers and butterflies (and lots of oooo) was also made recently by Maria, from fabric that hadn't seen the light of day since buying it many years ago.
(Wednesday 22-Oct-2014 11:40:30)

9376-059376-05 high-res image
This green-blue-purple birds-of-paradise fabric was purchased by my mother, and made into a shirt recently.
(Thursday 23-Oct-2014 12:42:50)

9376-069376-06 high-res image
A more traditional Hawaiian style print, black with red and white flowers. At the beginning of the project I bought mostly traditional aloha prints. (All of the shirts this week didn't exist before October 2014, but the fabric had been purchased ca. 2005.)
(Friday 24-Oct-2014 14:12:02)

9376-079376-07 high-res image
Rebecca made this shirt for me. Red dots, palm trees. On some of the shirts, there wasn't enough matching fabric to complete the shirt, so Rebecca made the pockets, collar, etc. from a solid red.
(Monday 27-Oct-2014 13:46:44)

9376-089376-08 high-res image
Cowboys and cowgirls. Kim made this shirt originally for her father, but he didn't wear it much so I ended up with it.
(Tuesday 28-Oct-2014 13:58:38)

9376-099376-09 high-res image
Cherries! CGW had a picnic with a cherry theme, so Rebecca made this for me.
(Wednesday 29-Oct-2014 15:36:34)

9376-109376-10 high-res image
Blue/red dragon fabric. After I bought a number of floral prints, I looked for Japanese and other Asian motifs. Rebecca made a shirt and matching headbands for me.
(Thursday 30-Oct-2014 18:11:08)

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