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9362-019362-01 high-res image
Jim Briggs and Vanessa Franco, in the Con Suite at Conjecture/Conchord. Note the peanut butter sandwich fixings on the siedboard. This is when I realized I needed to up my game for the PB&J party.
(Saturday 11-Oct-2014 10:40:16)

9362-029362-02 high-res image
Lynn Gold, in the elevator at the Town & County hotel.
(Saturday 11-Oct-2014 13:58:52)

9362-039362-03 high-res image
Bill Roper.
(Saturday 11-Oct-2014 14:04:23)

9362-049362-04 high-res image
Rebecca Rowan in the Conjecture/ConChord Con Suite.
(Saturday 11-Oct-2014 14:05:04)

9362-059362-05 high-res image
Rod O'Riley.
(Saturday 11-Oct-2014 14:15:10)

9362-069362-06 high-res image
Kimberly Paul.
(Saturday 11-Oct-2014 14:31:55)

9362-079362-07 high-res image
Martin Young.
(Saturday 11-Oct-2014 14:42:03)

9362-089362-08 high-res image
Our party signs: "ALLERGY WARNING. Peanuts, wheat, corn, soy, dairy, citrus, and other allergens may be present. If you have questions, please ask. Enter at your own risk." It's one of my standard party signs.
(Saturday 11-Oct-2014 17:59:11)

9362-099362-09 high-res image
Party sign at room 2100: "Is this the line for the peanut butter sandwiches?"
(Saturday 11-Oct-2014 17:59:19)

9362-109362-10 high-res image
"No drinks beyond this point. Please leave cups, cans, and bottles here."
(Saturday 11-Oct-2014 17:59:36)

9362-119362-11 high-res image
"Our last, best hope for peanut butter." In hindsight, at least one of our signs should have mentioned jelly.
(Saturday 11-Oct-2014 17:59:42)

9362-129362-12 high-res image
We have Strawberry Pop-tarts, mini Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, peanut butter cookies (a big hit), peanut butter filled pretzels, Smoked and Chipotle flavored peanuts, various cough drops, Fig Newtons, Peanut Butter Pop-tarts, butter, cinnamon sugar, Garlic Bread sprinkle, peanut butter crackers, a toaster, and a crockpot of macaroni & cheese marked "Off limits. Not ready to serve yet."
(Saturday 11-Oct-2014 17:59:54)

9362-139362-13 high-res image
We have white bread, wheat bread, multi-grain bread and rice cakes. Also chunky & creamy peanut butters (including two that are just made from peanuts and salt), almond butter, honey, grape and strawberry jelly.
(Saturday 11-Oct-2014 18:00:04)

9362-149362-14 high-res image
Drinks cooler contains Coca-Cola, Cactus Cooler, Tiki Punch, Diet Coke, water, and milk. Nobody drank the milk. Should I have bought 2%, or posted a conspicuous "MILK" sign? The cooler on the floor contains my stash of Mexican Coca-Cola and Negra Modelo.
(Saturday 11-Oct-2014 18:00:13)

9362-159362-15 high-res image
Drinks "table" has a cooler of ice, iced tea, pink lemonade, and spiced cider.
(Saturday 11-Oct-2014 18:00:18)

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