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Thanks to Tricia Noble, Debbie Rigdon Smith, Joel Zakem for caption help on this page.

9269-019269-01 high-res image
The Renaissance Center in downtown Detroit. The tower with the "GM" on it is the Detroit Marriott guest tower. GM owns the property. Personally, I would have wanted it to say MARRIOTT near the top...
(Friday 18-Jul-2014 20:05:58)

9269-149269-14 high-res image
Detroit Marriott, at Renaissance Center.
(Monday 21-Jul-2014 17:05:50)

9269-029269-02 high-res image
Lynn Baden at Detroit DTW Airport.
(Wednesday 16-Jul-2014 15:20:20)

9269-039269-03 high-res image
Chaz Boston Baden at Detroit DTW Airport. [Photo by Lynn V. Baden]
(Wednesday 16-Jul-2014 15:20:40)

9269-049269-04 high-res image
Tricia Noble, in the Detroit Marriott lobby.
(Wednesday 16-Jul-2014 16:31:24)

9269-059269-05 high-res image
"Welcome" signs from the Con-Vis bureau. They could be improved if they each said "Go to XXX ballroom to register."
(Wednesday 16-Jul-2014 16:38:48)

9269-069269-06 high-res image
Tammy Coxen, convention chair; and Don Wenzel, treasurer.
(Wednesday 16-Jul-2014 17:51:04)

9269-079269-07 high-res image
Helen Montgomery.
(Wednesday 16-Jul-2014 18:34:14)

9269-089269-08 high-res image
David Stein.
(Wednesday 16-Jul-2014 18:55:20)

9269-099269-09 high-res image
Kim Kofmel.
(Wednesday 16-Jul-2014 19:02:12)

9269-109269-10 high-res image
Filthy Pierre (Erwin S. Strauss).
(Wednesday 16-Jul-2014 19:03:58)

9269-119269-11 high-res image
Michael Lundy.
(Wednesday 16-Jul-2014 20:57:32)

9269-129269-12 high-res image
Sally Kobee.
(Wednesday 16-Jul-2014 22:11:56)

9269-139269-13 high-res image
Sally Kobee and Larry Smith.
(Wednesday 16-Jul-2014 22:13:26)

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