Shopping for wholesale toys (13-Jun-2014)

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9251-019251-01 high-res image
This is the main warehouse for Kellytoy...
(Friday 13-Jun-2014 10:16:57)

9251-029251-02 high-res image
... and this is their main showroom building.
(Friday 13-Jun-2014 10:27:56)

9251-039251-03 high-res image
Many stuffed toys here at Kellytoy. If you need several thousand, these people can hook you up.
(Friday 13-Jun-2014 10:32:28)

9251-049251-04 high-res image
The salesperson with one of their larger bears.
(Friday 13-Jun-2014 10:44:08)

9251-059251-05 high-res image
Chaz Boston Baden with a bear bigger than he is.
(Friday 13-Jun-2014 10:45:08)

9251-069251-06 high-res image
Fiesta Quality Plush Toys.
(Friday 13-Jun-2014 10:58:58)

9251-079251-07 high-res image
Some of the keychain-sized toys at Fiesta.
(Friday 13-Jun-2014 11:05:19)

9251-089251-08 high-res image
The giraffe and someone.
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(Friday 13-Jun-2014 11:09:55)

9251-099251-09 high-res image
Four Seasons General Merchandise.
(Friday 13-Jun-2014 11:15:11)

9251-109251-10 high-res image
Linux Penguins, as many as you want for $.49 each.
(Friday 13-Jun-2014 11:20:51)

9251-119251-11 high-res image
Q-Q Toys was a bust.
(Friday 13-Jun-2014 11:29:19)

9251-129251-12 high-res image
Master Toys & Novelties couldn't help me either.
(Friday 13-Jun-2014 11:30:52)

9251-139251-13 high-res image
Calplush's show room.
(Friday 13-Jun-2014 11:34:09)

9251-149251-14 high-res image
Some of the little bears at Calplush.
(Friday 13-Jun-2014 11:38:46)

9251-159251-15 high-res image
A flower at Calplush.
(Friday 13-Jun-2014 11:40:01)

9251-169251-16 high-res image
Carrots and fish at Calplush.
(Friday 13-Jun-2014 11:42:14)