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9249-019249-01 high-res image
"3069 Remeber your space number." They're not kidding, either, you pay by space at the machine.
(Saturday 07-Jun-2014 13:34:43)

9249-029249-02 high-res image
Design Showcase West.
(Saturday 07-Jun-2014 13:41:51)

9249-039249-03 high-res image
Caitlin Doolittle's both, showing some of the costume design projects she worked on at UCLA.
(Saturday 07-Jun-2014 13:44:47)

9249-059249-05 high-res image
Caitlin Doolittle and two of her costumes.
(Saturday 07-Jun-2014 13:50:55)

9249-069249-06 high-res image
John Doolittle, Caitlin Doolittle, Kimberly Doolittle.
(Saturday 07-Jun-2014 14:06:53)

9249-079249-07 high-res image
Niki La Teer.
(Saturday 07-Jun-2014 14:25:20)

9249-089249-08 high-res image
Chaz Boston Baden. [Photo by Niki La Teer]
(Saturday 07-Jun-2014 14:26:06)

9249-109249-10 high-res image
John Doolittle, Caitlin Doolittle, Julia Doolittle, Kimberly Doolittle.
(Saturday 07-Jun-2014 14:27:37)

9249-119249-11 high-res image
Julia Doolittle.
(Saturday 07-Jun-2014 15:03:56)

9249-129249-12 high-res image
Caitlin Doolittle, going upstairs for nearly the last time. "Out to lunch. Closed at 5:00 today. Use other door. Staff meeting. Back in 15. If you are the last one to leave, please double check that the door is locked and double check that the door has properly closed. Thank you. Make certain door closes!"
(Saturday 07-Jun-2014 16:17:55)

9249-139249-13 high-res image
Caitlin Doolittle, passed out on the couch; Julia Doolittle attends.
(Saturday 07-Jun-2014 17:46:56)

9249-149249-14 high-res image
Caitlin Doolittle, Julia Doolittle, and Niki La Teer taking a selfie.
(Saturday 07-Jun-2014 17:48:42)

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