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Rev. 25-Jun-2014 01:02:46

My party/picnic supplies are stored in several boxes. I recently went through some of the boxes, especially those that would be useful at the next (and last) Speakeasy party.

9237-019237-01 high-res image
Long lightweight plastic bowls, thick acrylic plastic bowls, and asymmetrical glass. I don't know what we'd use the bowls for, but the glass can be used for grenadine or something.
(Monday 26-May-2014 12:52:48)

9237-029237-02 high-res image
Those oval bowls again, and a fancy wineglass. In the past I've used the fancy wineglasses to serve different flavors of bbq sauce.
(Monday 26-May-2014 12:53:14)

9237-109237-10 high-res image
Long plastic bowls, heavy-duty acrylic bowls, asymmetrical glass, and short glass.
(Sunday 01-Jun-2014 23:30:32)

9237-039237-03 high-res image
The Giant Shotglass of Doom. I used this on the bar for tips and it was super effective. It's circular, despite the angle of the photo.
(Monday 26-May-2014 12:55:32)

9237-049237-04 high-res image
Cool little box I've been serving Tootsie Rolls in. We should buy a small bag fresh for the next party.
(Monday 26-May-2014 13:39:42)

9237-079237-07 high-res image
Pretty blue unicorn-etched bowl we could put the Lifesavers in. Pretty blue Tape goes everywhere. Small dust-broom is handy even if you don't have a dustpan. The stapler, thermometer, pink duct tape, putty knife, and AA battery charger are probably not needed at the Speakeasy.
(Saturday 31-May-2014 20:04:48)

9237-059237-05 high-res image
Paper cups. I think we should buy 7-oz. clear plastic cups for our soft drinks, if we don't get a big pile of thrift-shop glassware, and leave the modern paper cups home.
(Friday 30-May-2014 20:03:32)

9237-069237-06 high-res image
Toaster. I don't think we need this for the Speakeasy.
(Friday 30-May-2014 20:03:44)

9237-089237-08 high-res image
Cinnamon Sugar. If you have butterered toast, this is handy to have.
(Saturday 31-May-2014 20:08:30)

9237-099237-09 high-res image
Plastic cutlery and straws. Not needed for Speakeasy.
(Sunday 01-Jun-2014 23:28:24)

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