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My party/picnic supplies are stored in several boxes. I recently went through some of the boxes, especially those that would be useful at the next (and last) Speakeasy party.

9236-019236-01 high-res image
Round crystal decanter and oblong decanter.
(Monday 26-May-2014 12:39:10)

9236-029236-02 high-res image
Shiny flask.
(Monday 26-May-2014 12:50:54)

9236-039236-03 high-res image
Margarita decanter, rum decanter, and small square decanter. In background: square crystal decanter, used for Canadian Whisky. At right: rectangular metal platter with handles, and octagonal glass platter.
(Monday 26-May-2014 12:58:40)

9236-049236-04 high-res image
Bottom-heavy pitcher.
(Monday 26-May-2014 13:17:24)

9236-059236-05 high-res image
Two-gallon bucket. Handy for mixing up non-alcoholic drinks such as iced tea, limeade, etc.
(Friday 30-May-2014 22:19:08)

9236-069236-06 high-res image
We have over 500 shiny "cow" stickers. We don't need to buy more. The small galvanized bucket can be used as a little wastebasket on the table, to collect used toothpicks.
(Friday 30-May-2014 22:41:16)

9236-079236-07 high-res image
Two plastic pitchers. The green one would be used behind the scenes, the acrylic one could be used in the Speakeasy because it looks close enough. The two bus tubs are handy, not just for collecting the dirty dishes but also to use as a portable sink for washing the dishes.
(Friday 30-May-2014 22:43:30)

9236-089236-08 high-res image
Galvanized metal bucket. I usually fill it full of soft drinks and ice, and put a large folded-over towel underneath.
(Friday 30-May-2014 22:44:12)

9236-099236-09 high-res image
Another large heavy pitcher. Teabags for iced tea. Toothpicks that should be packed in the big toothpicks and skewers box. The green food coloring is so we can put a drop in the Limeade. Doorstops are handy to have, a big chunk rubber one would be even better. Dish soap is important but in a pinch we can substitute shampoo.
(Saturday 31-May-2014 21:52:52)

9236-109236-10 high-res image
Another plastic pitcher, with 48 oz. of orange juice. That's one 12-oz. can of concentrate, which I mixed up in the bottle of the two-gallon bucket - the first line is the 2-quart mark, but by using it I didn't splatter any orange juice. I've found the limeade to be more popular than the orange juice; we can skip it if we want to.
(Sunday 01-Jun-2014 09:54:42)

9236-119236-11 high-res image
Glass pitcher, plastic pitchers, and crystal art deco pitcher.
(Sunday 01-Jun-2014 21:08:52)

9236-129236-12 high-res image
Small glass pitcher (basically a large glass mug with a pour spout), very bottom-heavy pitcher, and the heavy glass pitcher.
(Sunday 01-Jun-2014 21:11:30)

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