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My party/picnic supplies are stored in several boxes. I recently went through some of the boxes, especially those that would be useful at the next (and last) Speakeasy party.

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Brands of soda that were popular in 1927 included Coca-Cola, Pepsi-Cola, A&W Root Beer, IBC Root Beer, Canada Dry Ginger Ale, and Orange Crush. The names are still around, 87 years later. (I don't know when IBC Cream Soda was introduced.)
(Wednesday 28-May-2014 19:13:22)

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We pre-mix the tonic water and gin (cheap stuff, the Beafeater bottle is just for show). The reclosable bottles of Sprite are handy for mixers - a splash of Canadian Whisky topped off with Sprite is a tasty drink to give someone who doesn't know what they want.
(Wednesday 28-May-2014 20:15:18)

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We put the Black Velvet or Canadian Mist whisky into a crystal decanter and pour it at our Speakeaasy bar. Sometimes we pre-mix Tequila and Bols Triple Sec for margaritas (combined with limeade as a base), even though it's not period. We pour white and red wine, from their glass bottles despite the modern label on the bottle.

We usually have rum decanted into a decorative bottle, unless we've found a sufficiently old brand of rum to pour (not shown). Sometimes we'll mix vodka with sour apple mix (not shown) for Appletinis, which is about as blatantly non-period as we get. Not shown: Beer. Shiner Bock has been brewed since 1913, and is popular in Kansas City.

(Wednesday 28-May-2014 22:29:38)

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Some modern Christmas lights. I hang them around the doorway so you can tell from down the hall that the party's started.
(Friday 30-May-2014 22:42:22)

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"Skyhooks" (3M Command adhesive and hooks) are very handy for damage-free hanging of lights and signs. We'll need to buy more of the adhesive. 3M Mounting Squares also shown. The small squares are handy for hanging 8 1/2 x 11 signs. The large mounting squares and the small Command strips are actually about the same price (25 cents each) so we may as well use the small strips for the larger posters.

We can pre-print labels for everything we're serving. We also should make sure we have a few pens for people to fill out forms with.

(Saturday 31-May-2014 21:56:36)

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Some signs. I usually put "Ready-Mix Concrete Company" (Tom Pendergast's firm) on our prep room.
(Saturday 31-May-2014 22:02:34)

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Some more signs. The "Keep Door Closed" sign goes on the back of the door, in case we need to close it. "No Entry" goes on the doors in the party that are off-limits. The "No Drinks" gives us a place to collect the dirty teacups and recyclable items. The "Some soda brands" and "Some sweets popular in..." help create the impression we're keeping to our period.
(Saturday 31-May-2014 22:02:58)

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