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Rev. 25-Jun-2014 01:02:45

My party/picnic supplies are stored in several boxes. I recently went through some of the boxes, especially those that would be useful at the next (and last) Speakeasy party.

9233-019233-01 high-res image
Electric tea kettle. Useful for boiling water for iced tea.
(Wednesday 28-May-2014 19:03:08)

9233-029233-02 high-res image
Small cooler, handy for behind-the-bar ice.
(Friday 30-May-2014 21:59:14)

9233-039233-03 high-res image
Shot glass collection. Do we want to serve shots?
(Friday 30-May-2014 22:01:24)

9233-049233-04 high-res image
Napkins. We don't use very many at the Speakeasy parties.
(Friday 30-May-2014 22:42:06)

9233-059233-05 high-res image
We need a sharp knife or two to cut persian cucumbers and cantaloupe, and a bottle opener for the bar. The butter knives and plastic knives aren't really needed for the Speakeasy parties.
(Saturday 31-May-2014 19:55:36)

9233-069233-06 high-res image
Ice pick and corkscrews, possibly for Speakeasy parties. Plastic colander might be handy for draining canned fruits. Plastic cups not needed for Speakeasy.
(Saturday 31-May-2014 19:57:12)

9233-079233-07 high-res image
Can opener and funnel handy for Speakeasy prep and bar. Coffee filters: will we have coffee? We don't need the tomato slicer or the bash-and-chopper.
(Saturday 31-May-2014 19:58:06)

9233-089233-08 high-res image
Label cards and holders. We should pre-print our labels if at all possible, or have someone with beautiful handwriting letter our signs.
(Saturday 31-May-2014 20:01:22)

9233-099233-09 high-res image
Whisk handy for mixing up juices from concentrate. Quart measure is useful for measuring gin & tonic. The other measuring spoons, cup, and tongs aren't needed for Speakeasy.
(Saturday 31-May-2014 20:03:44)

9233-109233-10 high-res image
Wint-o-Green Lifesavers are period-appropriate. We might consider buying another small bag, perhaps of the Pep-O-Mint. A few safety pins are handy in unanticipated emergencies. The other bag has quart-size zip bags -- handy for prep and clean-up. We don't need the plastic bins for Speakeasy.
(Saturday 31-May-2014 20:06:18)

9233-119233-11 high-res image
A great big roll of trash bags may be overkill for our next Speakeasy party, but we probably should have a dozen packed away. Printing our party signs ahead of time can be handy.
(Saturday 31-May-2014 22:03:46)

9233-129233-12 high-res image
Kansas City merchandise for sale.
(Saturday 31-May-2014 22:10:30)

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