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9094-019094-01 high-res image
Esther Friesner and Cathy Mullican (Menolly), at the conclusion of her reading. The t-shirt says "The Flying Hamster of DOOOM Rains Coconuts On Your Pitiful City."
(Sunday 20-Oct-2013 14:46)

9094-029094-02 high-res image
David Clark with his "Grumpy" workshirt.
(Sunday 20-Oct-2013 14:48:36)

9094-039094-03 high-res image
Gas & Grease, Dissastisfaction Guaranteed.
(Sunday 20-Oct-2013 14:48:46)

9094-049094-04 high-res image
Grumpy's Gas & Grease - Service without a Smile. Bring your (something) in - I'll find something wrong!
(Sunday 20-Oct-2013 14:49)

9094-059094-05 high-res image
Vernor Vinge.
(Sunday 20-Oct-2013 14:52:12)

9094-069094-06 high-res image
Vernor Vinge and Cary Meriwether.
(Sunday 20-Oct-2013 14:52:24)

9094-079094-07 high-res image
Cary Meriwether.
(Sunday 20-Oct-2013 14:52:46)

9094-089094-08 high-res image
Vernor Vinge and Howard Tayler.
(Sunday 20-Oct-2013 14:54:04)

9094-099094-09 high-res image
Chałlenge coins. "Nie Mój Cyrk - Nie Moje Małpy." Polish for "Not my circus... not my monkeys."
(Sunday 20-Oct-2013 15:00:58)

9094-109094-10 high-res image
Howard Tayler trying to figure out if he signed his art. (He hadn't.)
(Sunday 20-Oct-2013 15:10:50)

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