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9075-019075-01 high-res image
Maria Rodriguez and our "Cosplay Sewing Circle" sign.
(Saturday 05-Oct-2013 16:51:49)

9075-029075-02 high-res image
Maria and Kim Rose, at the first "Cosplay Sewing Circle."
(Saturday 05-Oct-2013 11:14:24)

9075-039075-03 high-res image
Maria Rodriguez; Taylor Uster in background.
(Saturday 05-Oct-2013 11:14:34)

9075-049075-04 high-res image
Someone and somebody.
(Saturday 05-Oct-2013 11:14:45)

9075-059075-05 high-res image
Someone and Joyce Teubner.
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(Saturday 05-Oct-2013 11:14:55)

9075-069075-06 high-res image
Taylor Uster.
(Saturday 05-Oct-2013 11:15:06)

9075-079075-07 high-res image
Eylat Poliner.
(Saturday 05-Oct-2013 11:15:38)

9075-089075-08 high-res image
Debra Levin.
(Saturday 05-Oct-2013 11:16:14)

9075-099075-09 high-res image
Anna Kaye Poliner and Caitlin Doolittle.
(Saturday 05-Oct-2013 11:16:47)

9075-109075-10 high-res image
Matt Lewis and Wes Bartel.
(Saturday 05-Oct-2013 11:16:55)

9075-119075-11 high-res image
Caitlin, two people on the couch, and Matt Lewis.
(Saturday 05-Oct-2013 12:48:41)

9075-129075-12 high-res image
Matt Lewis standing at left, someone in foreground, Wes Bartel in black, Caitlin Doolittle standing, and Bear Burge at right.
(Saturday 05-Oct-2013 12:48:53)

9075-139075-13 high-res image
Debra Levin background left, Joyce Tebuner in white, Maria's back, Kim at whiteboard, and Anna Kaye Poliner in yellow.
(Saturday 05-Oct-2013 12:49:06)

9075-149075-14 high-res image
Anna Kaye Poliner at whiteboard; Kim Rose and Eylat.
(Saturday 05-Oct-2013 12:49:19)

9075-159075-15 high-res image
Taylor Uster and her computer.
(Saturday 05-Oct-2013 12:49:40)

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