Miscellaneous: Cake, Chairs, Gin, Carts, Marshmallow bits, and the Hitchhiker (Apr/Jul/Sep-2013)

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Lynn Baden baked a cake.
(Sunday 28-Apr-2013 12:10:14)

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Orange Lutheran High School Thrift Store ttruck has arrived to take some desks and chairs.
(Saturday 13-Jul-2013 14:15:18)

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Some of the chairs and desks that are going away.
(Saturday 13-Jul-2013 14:15:32)

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The truck is just about loaded up.
(Saturday 13-Jul-2013 14:15:44)

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Trader Joe's Jail House Gin.
(Saturday 13-Jul-2013 17:30:44)

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Three Wesco 400-lb. capacity carts have arrived. I need to get them painted.
(Saturday 21-Sep-2013 10:37:34)

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James McCollough, "The Hitchhiker." I dropped him off at the First Southern Baptist Church in Buena Park, near Western/Orangethorpe. He's a missionary, and of the 5000 missionaries registered with the Southern Baptist organization he's the only one whose ministry is Hitchhiking. He knows more or less where he'll be for the next six months, and he has plans to attend the national convention Baltimore next year.
(Saturday 21-Sep-2013 18:12:15)

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Cereal marshmallows that I recently ordered.
(Thursday 12-Sep-2013 18:35:14)

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Herb kitchen wreath.
(Thursday 26-Sep-2013 18:47:18)

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Herb kitchen wreath.
(Thursday 26-Sep-2013 18:47:30)

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Different style of herb kitchen wreath.
(Thursday 26-Sep-2013 18:49:16)