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9064-019064-01 high-res image
The Tower.
(Saturday 21-Sep-2013 12:08:38)

9064-029064-02 high-res image
Craig Miller.
(Saturday 21-Sep-2013 12:11:08)

9064-039064-03 high-res image
Cathy Beckstead.
(Saturday 21-Sep-2013 12:11:17)

9064-049064-04 high-res image
Dean Johnson.
(Saturday 21-Sep-2013 12:11:29)

9064-059064-05 high-res image
Genny Dazzo and Bobbi.
(Saturday 21-Sep-2013 12:12:27)

9064-069064-06 high-res image
Kim, Genny Dazzo, and Bobbi.
(Saturday 21-Sep-2013 12:12:45)

9064-079064-07 high-res image
Kimberlee Brown.
(Saturday 21-Sep-2013 12:13:14)

9064-089064-08 high-res image
Jerome Scott.
(Saturday 21-Sep-2013 12:15:28)

9064-099064-09 high-res image
Bobbi Armbruster.
(Saturday 21-Sep-2013 12:15:43)

9064-109064-10 high-res image
Elayne Pelz.
(Saturday 21-Sep-2013 12:16:04)

9064-119064-11 high-res image
Bobbi Armbruster and Joyce Lloyd (fka Joyce Hooper).
(Saturday 21-Sep-2013 12:16:45)

9064-129064-12 high-res image
James Dougherty, Ben Yalow, and Glenn Glazer are attending via Skype.
(Saturday 21-Sep-2013 12:16:56)

9064-159064-15 high-res image
Chaz Boston Baden. [Photo by Sherri Benoun]
(Saturday 21-Sep-2013 12:19:30)

9064-169064-16 high-res image
Sherri Benoun.
(Saturday 21-Sep-2013 12:19:41)

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