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9054-019054-01 high-res image
Michael Siladi watches as Christian McGuire disrobes, ending with his tie.
(Saturday 14-Sep-2013 16:33:48)

9054-029054-02 high-res image
Kris Bauer, Sarah Goldberg and Scott Beckstead.
(Saturday 14-Sep-2013 16:34)

9054-039054-03 high-res image
Joyce Sperling and Kris (obscured).
(Saturday 14-Sep-2013 16:34:08)

9054-049054-04 high-res image
Karl Lembke and Paige Willey.
(Saturday 14-Sep-2013 16:34:22)

9054-059054-05 high-res image
Chuck Shimada.
(Saturday 14-Sep-2013 16:35:06)

9054-069054-06 high-res image
Regina Reynante.
(Saturday 14-Sep-2013 16:36:10)

9054-079054-07 high-res image
Pearl Brinkley.
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(Saturday 14-Sep-2013 16:36:26)

9054-089054-08 high-res image
Patrick Beckstead and Kenny "Spike" Dodds.
(Saturday 14-Sep-2013 17:06:18)

9054-099054-09 high-res image
Maria Rodriguez in the sun, Patrick Beckstead and Kenny "Spike" Dodds.
(Saturday 14-Sep-2013 17:06:24)

9054-109054-10 high-res image
Maria Rodriguez and Kenny "Spike" Dodds.
(Saturday 14-Sep-2013 17:24:28)

9054-119054-11 high-res image
Chaz Boston Baden and Lynn Baden. [Photo by Kenny Dodds]
(Saturday 14-Sep-2013 17:24:42)

9054-129054-12 high-res image
Kenny "Spike" Dodds.
(Saturday 14-Sep-2013 17:24:50)

9054-139054-13 high-res image
My fried chicken had too much pink in it...
(Saturday 14-Sep-2013 18:11:30)

9054-149054-14 high-res image
Paige Willey, Eylat Poliner, Michelle Pincus and Karl Lembke. I stopped off at the LASFS to pick up two shipping cases.
(Saturday 14-Sep-2013 20:14:26)

9054-159054-15 high-res image
Karl Lembke, Michelle, Paige Willey, and Eylat Poliner.
(Saturday 14-Sep-2013 20:14:40)

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