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9053-019053-01 high-res image
Flowers on the stage.
(Saturday 14-Sep-2013 13:59:38)

9053-029053-02 high-res image
The plants-an d-flowers basket with the red and yellow roses is the one that Animé Los Angeles sent.
(Saturday 14-Sep-2013 13:59:46)

9053-039053-03 high-res image
More flowers on the stage, and Aimee Hoff's portrait.
(Saturday 14-Sep-2013 13:59:54)

9053-049053-04 high-res image
And more flowers. Flowers everywhere.
(Saturday 14-Sep-2013 14:00)

9053-059053-05 high-res image
40-person choir that performed a couple of songs in honor of Aimee. There were soloists and duets later in the service as well.
(Saturday 14-Sep-2013 14:33:58)

9053-069053-06 high-res image
Mike Donahue.
(Saturday 14-Sep-2013 15:57:58)

9053-07 high-res image, 9053-08 high-res image.
Sarah Goldberg.
(Saturday 14-Sep-2013 15:58:50)

9053-099053-09 high-res image
Lynn Baden and Connor Foss.
(Saturday 14-Sep-2013 16:01:46)

9053-109053-10 high-res image
Alec Orrock and Christian B. McGuire.
(Saturday 14-Sep-2013 16:04:08)

9053-119053-11 high-res image
Chuck Shimada, Scott Beckstead and Tadao Tomomatsu.
(Saturday 14-Sep-2013 16:04:32)

9053-129053-12 high-res image
Alec Orrock.
(Saturday 14-Sep-2013 16:06:26)

9053-139053-13 high-res image
Karl Lembke looking up, Chuck Shimada behind him, Paige Willey, Michael Siladi, Christian B. McGuire and Joyce Sperling foreground right.
(Saturday 14-Sep-2013 16:32:02)

9053-14 high-res image, 9053-16 high-res image.
Alec Orrock.
(Saturday 14-Sep-2013 16:32:12)

9053-159053-15 high-res image
Michael Siladi and Christian B. McGuire in background, and Chaz Boston Baden. [Photo by Alec Orrock]
(Saturday 14-Sep-2013 16:32:24)

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