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9052-019052-01 high-res image
Monte Vista Presbyterian Church, Newbury Park.
(Saturday 14-Sep-2013 13:20:58)

9052-029052-02 high-res image
Monte Vista Presbyterian Church, Newbury Park.
(Saturday 14-Sep-2013 13:23:56)

9052-039052-03 high-res image
The line of people waiting to get in.
(Saturday 14-Sep-2013 13:41:50)

9052-049052-04 high-res image
Kevin Dodds ("Ice") and Karl Lembke head up the steps.
(Saturday 14-Sep-2013 13:43:10)

9052-059052-05 high-res image
AlisoN Stern and Michael Siladi.
(Saturday 14-Sep-2013 13:43:48)

9052-069052-06 high-res image
Regina Reynante.
(Saturday 14-Sep-2013 13:45:56)

9052-079052-07 high-res image
Lynn Baden.
(Saturday 14-Sep-2013 13:47:54)

9052-089052-08 high-res image
Chuck Shimada.
(Saturday 14-Sep-2013 13:49:50)

9052-099052-09 high-res image
Maria Rodriguez and Kris Bauer.
(Saturday 14-Sep-2013 13:52:46)

9052-109052-10 high-res image
Maria Rodriguez, Spike behind Maria, and Eric Owens.
(Saturday 14-Sep-2013 13:53:16)

9052-119052-11 high-res image
Kris Bauer.
(Saturday 14-Sep-2013 13:53:26)

9052-129052-12 high-res image
Eric Owens and Valentina Bauer-Landes.
(Saturday 14-Sep-2013 13:54:42)

9052-139052-13 high-res image
Standing room only in the church.
(Saturday 14-Sep-2013 13:55:24)

9052-149052-14 high-res image
"A Service of Remembrance. Aimee Elizabeth Hoff. April 22, 1990 - September 9, 2013."
(Saturday 14-Sep-2013 13:56:36)

9052-159052-15 high-res image
Suzi Casement and Bert Boden.
(Saturday 14-Sep-2013 13:57:10)

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