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9022-019022-01 high-res image
Allison Meyer.
(Saturday 24-Aug-2013 21:41:05)

9022-029022-02 high-res image
Michael Thorsen, Dodds, Debra, and Kris.
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(Saturday 24-Aug-2013 21:43:16)

9022-039022-03 high-res image
Katie Griffith, Kay Shapero and Victoria Shapero.
(Saturday 24-Aug-2013 21:45:12)

9022-049022-04 high-res image
Richard Foss and Elizabeth Reed.
(Saturday 24-Aug-2013 21:49:05)

9022-059022-05 high-res image
Julia Doolittle, Caitlin Doolittle and Connor Foss.
(Saturday 24-Aug-2013 22:29:21)

9022-069022-06 high-res image
Allan Trimp background left; Richard Foss and Jace Foss, and Kris Bauer in blue.
(Saturday 24-Aug-2013 22:45:52)

9022-079022-07 high-res image
Elizabeth Reed.
(Saturday 24-Aug-2013 22:47:18)

9022-089022-08 high-res image
Kevin "Ice" Dodds and Connor Foss.
(Saturday 24-Aug-2013 22:52:21)

9022-099022-09 high-res image
Cathy Beckstead and Dean Johnon.
(Saturday 24-Aug-2013 23:30:51)

9022-109022-10 high-res image
Michael Thorsen and Kris Bauer.
(Saturday 24-Aug-2013 23:57:37)

9022-119022-11 high-res image
Chas Hoff at the end of the night.
(Sunday 25-Aug-2013 00:00:09)

9022-129022-12 high-res image
Michael Thorsen, Cathy Beckstead, Dean Johnson and Kris Bauer.
(Sunday 25-Aug-2013 00:00:24)

9022-139022-13 high-res image
Debra Levin.
(Sunday 25-Aug-2013 00:00:40)

9022-149022-14 high-res image
Chaz Boston Baden, about to go off and sleep.
(Sunday 25-Aug-2013 00:00:54)

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