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9016-01 high-res image, 9016-02 high-res image.
Genny Dazzo and Craig Miller have brought chocolate truffle.
(Saturday 24-Aug-2013 16:44:24)

9016-039016-03 high-res image
Allison's legs, Kay Shapero and John De Chancie across from Wil and Bob, Dean at the cooler, Alec Orrock, Matt Lewis, Jennella, Patrick, Colleen, and Nathan all standing behind Alex Potter, Andrew Vo, and Katie Van Fleet in black at the right.
(Saturday 24-Aug-2013 16:47:41)

9016-049016-04 high-res image
FER Morgan, Matt^2, and Tiffany (Neo_Serenity) with a "50"-shaped piñata.
(Saturday 24-Aug-2013 16:53:50)

9016-059016-05 high-res image
Wes Bartel.
(Saturday 24-Aug-2013 16:55:49)

9016-069016-06 high-res image
Matt Lewis and Wes Bartel.
(Saturday 24-Aug-2013 16:56:07)

9016-079016-07 high-res image
Shawn Crosby.-
(Saturday 24-Aug-2013 16:59:12)

9016-089016-08 high-res image
Front room has Alec Orrock, Lynn Baden, Shane Richard, Michael Thorsen, Karl Lembke, Anastasia with long hair and Michelle Pincus.
(Saturday 24-Aug-2013 16:59:33)

9016-099016-09 high-res image
Sean, Stephanie, Jasmine Berry with peacock feather, Joyce T., Alec Orrock and Lynn Baden.
(Saturday 24-Aug-2013 16:59:47)

9016-10 high-res image, 9016-11 high-res image.
Rush Brinkley and Pearl Brinkley (aka Pearl Newton).
(Saturday 24-Aug-2013 17:06:22)

9016-129016-12 high-res image
Adriana Zepeda (Yana Neko) and Chaz Boston Baden.
(Saturday 24-Aug-2013 17:10:10)

9016-139016-13 high-res image
FER Morgan, Mtat Wells, Chaz Boston Baden and Tiffany (Neo_Serenity).
(Saturday 24-Aug-2013 17:11:41)

9016-149016-14 high-res image
Elaine Baden (Chaz's younger older sister), Chaz Boston Baden, and Dorothy Bullard (his elder older sister).
(Saturday 24-Aug-2013 17:14:34)

9016-159016-15 high-res image
Chaz Boston Baden, Elaine Baden, Wil Baden, and Dorothy Bullard.
(Saturday 24-Aug-2013 17:15:29)

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