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9015-019015-01 high-res image
Colleen has baked a lemony lemon cake and a chocolate birthday cake.
(Saturday 24-Aug-2013 16:00:33)

9015-029015-02 high-res image
Colleen Crosby with birthday cake. John H., Sean Thom, Stephanie Cass and Maria Rodriguez in background left of pole, Abuela Rodriguez and Chas Boston Baden foreground, Wil Baden and Elaine Baden at right.
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(Saturday 24-Aug-2013 16:04:42)

9015-039015-03 high-res image
Colleen, John, Abuela, Sean Thom, Carmental, Chaz Boston Baden, Maria Rodriguez, Wil Baden, Elaine Baden, Bob Bullard, and Kevin Pere foreground right.
(Saturday 24-Aug-2013 16:04:50)

9015-049015-04 high-res image
Elaine Baden background left; Wil Baden watches as Bob Bullard and Dorothy Bullard give Chaz Boston Baden a box of 50 different chocolate bars.
(Saturday 24-Aug-2013 16:09:15)

9015-059015-05 high-res image
Wil Baden, Lynn in backgound, Clinton Reeve, Robert Biehn, and Chaz Boston Baden.
(Saturday 24-Aug-2013 16:13:44)

9015-069015-06 high-res image
Eric Zuckerman and Beth Zuckerman, who brought onion rings from The Hat.
(Saturday 24-Aug-2013 16:15:21)

9015-079015-07 high-res image
Allison, Alec Orrock, and Wil Baden.
(Saturday 24-Aug-2013 16:16:50)

9015-089015-08 high-res image
Joyce Teubner and Chaz Boston Baden.
(Saturday 24-Aug-2013 16:23:49)

9015-099015-09 high-res image
Eric Zuckerman.
(Saturday 24-Aug-2013 16:23:58)

9015-10 high-res image, 9015-11 high-res image.
Anita Nuñez, Chaz Boston Baden, and Declan.
(Saturday 24-Aug-2013 16:28:02)

9015-129015-12 high-res image
Sarah Goldberg.
(Saturday 24-Aug-2013 16:33:41)

9015-13 high-res image, 9015-14 high-res image.
Chaz Boston Baden and a bottle of Knob Creek; Larry Niven with the gift givers Laura Freas and Steve Beraha.
(Saturday 24-Aug-2013 16:40:06)

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