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9012-019012-01 high-res image
Larry Niven has just given two books to Chaz Boston Baden.
(Saturday 24-Aug-2013 13:14:25)

9012-029012-02 high-res image
Alex Potter (Alexandra).
(Saturday 24-Aug-2013 13:20:50)

9012-039012-03 high-res image
Wes Bartel, Alex Potter and Chaz Boston Baden.
(Saturday 24-Aug-2013 13:23:02)

9012-04 high-res image, 9012-05 high-res image.
Alex Potter has just given Chaz Boston Baden some portable coasters. Booties for my cups.
(Saturday 24-Aug-2013 13:24:05)

9012-069012-06 high-res image
Wes Bartel and Rob Powell ("Gizmo").
(Saturday 24-Aug-2013 13:24:37)

9012-079012-07 high-res image
Jeremy Wilson.
(Saturday 24-Aug-2013 13:35:53)

9012-089012-08 high-res image
Jerome Scott.
(Saturday 24-Aug-2013 13:36:01)

9012-099012-09 high-res image
Jeremy Wilson and Patrick background left; Shane Richard has brought chocolate strawberries and other goodies; Matt Lewis background right.
(Saturday 24-Aug-2013 13:36:31)

9012-109012-10 high-res image
Michelle Pincus has given Chaz Boston Baden two dozen sliced sesame seed bagels direct from Western Bagel.
(Saturday 24-Aug-2013 13:36:55)

9012-119012-11 high-res image
Shane Richard has given Chaz Boston Baden a birthday card. Note cup with crocheted coaster, foreground left.
(Saturday 24-Aug-2013 13:37:14)

9012-129012-12 high-res image
Wendy Newton, Pearl Brinkley (aka Pearl Newton) and little Rush Brinkley.
(Saturday 24-Aug-2013 14:00:18)

9012-139012-13 high-res image
Kenny "Spike" Dodds.
(Saturday 24-Aug-2013 14:10:23)

9012-149012-14 high-res image
Maria Rodriguez and Emerald Ivy.
(Saturday 24-Aug-2013 14:10:34)

9012-159012-15 high-res image
Abuela Rodriguez and her granddaughter Maria Rodriguez.
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(Saturday 24-Aug-2013 14:10:44)

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