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8932-01 high-res image, 8932-13 high-res image.
Hilton Sacramento Arden West, exterior.
(Friday 05-Jul-2013 19:35:30)

8932-028932-02 high-res image
"Welcome to C.O.N.T.R.O.L. Office of Agent Refrement" and "ConSuite" signs.
(Thursday 04-Jul-2013 12:30:38)

8932-038932-03 high-res image
Faye MacTane.
(Thursday 04-Jul-2013 12:31:32)

8932-048932-04 high-res image
Glenn Glazer.
(Thursday 04-Jul-2013 12:32:28)

8932-058932-05 high-res image
Christina O'Halloran in the Con Suite.
(Thursday 04-Jul-2013 12:33:02)

8932-068932-06 high-res image
Juli Cole, prepping in the Con Suite.
(Thursday 04-Jul-2013 12:33:12)

8932-078932-07 high-res image
Chris Garcia.
(Thursday 04-Jul-2013 12:33:22)

8932-088932-08 high-res image
Christina O'Halloran and Chris Garcia.
(Thursday 04-Jul-2013 12:33:48)

8932-098932-09 high-res image
Kelsey Cole and Juli Cole, getting the food ready in the Con Suite.
(Thursday 04-Jul-2013 12:34:22)

8932-108932-10 high-res image
Patricia Turner and a piece of cake.
(Thursday 04-Jul-2013 12:35:46)

8932-118932-11 high-res image
Regina Reynante.
(Thursday 04-Jul-2013 12:36:46)

8932-128932-12 high-res image
Jim Robinson working at the sink.
(Thursday 04-Jul-2013 12:37:22)

8932-148932-14 high-res image
Sodas in the Con Suite.
(Thursday 04-Jul-2013 12:41:22)

8932-158932-15 high-res image
Laura Brodian Freas Beraha (Laura Freas) and husband Steve Beraha.
(Thursday 04-Jul-2013 12:42:24)

8932-168932-16 high-res image
"You are entering a Quiet Zone" sign on the Party Floor.
(Thursday 04-Jul-2013 12:56:34)

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