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8896-158896-15 high-res image
Pat Larson and the "Boss Tom" poster.
(Sunday 26-May-2013 20:39:59)

8896-148896-14 high-res image
Kansas City in 2016 Speakeasy Party at Baycon 31: Dean Johnson, "Candy" Beckstead with her cigarette holder, and Eric Larson (background).
(Sunday 26-May-2013 21:17:29)

8896-028896-02 high-res image
Dean Johnson. Note spats.
(Sunday 26-May-2013 21:17:57)

8896-038896-03 high-res image
"Candy" Beckstead and her cigarette holder.
(Sunday 26-May-2013 21:27:06)

8896-048896-04 high-res image
Chaz Boston Baden, proprietor. [Photo by Cathy Beckstead]
(Sunday 26-May-2013 21:27:21)

8896-058896-05 high-res image
"Candy" Beckstead with a g.&t. in her teacup.
(Sunday 26-May-2013 21:33:13)

8896-068896-06 high-res image
Christina O'Halloran and John O'Halloran, Fan Guests of Honor at Baycon.
(Sunday 26-May-2013 22:28:02)

8896-078896-07 high-res image
Bridget Landry and Kate Morgenstern.
(Sunday 26-May-2013 22:31:02)

8896-088896-08 high-res image
Lois McMaster Bujold, Baycon Writer Guest of Honor.
(Sunday 26-May-2013 22:34:46)

8896-098896-09 high-res image
Some of our signs. Big banner, "Some sweets popular in 1926: Oreo Cookies, Fig Newtons, Lorna Doone Shortbread, Tootsie Rolls, Pep-O-Mint Lifesavers." Our "you can come back for more" sign, and the "Pendergast Café" sign.
(Sunday 26-May-2013 23:18:27)

8896-108896-10 high-res image
"Pendergast Café," allergy warning, and "Some soda brands popular in 1926: Coca-Cola, Orange Crush, Dr Pepper, IBC Root Beer, Canada Dry Ginger Ale."
(Sunday 26-May-2013 23:18:37)

8896-118896-11 high-res image
David Guon, Kate Morgenstern, and Jim Bull. Dean Johnson background right.
(Sunday 26-May-2013 23:18:50)

8896-128896-12 high-res image
"Sky Stations" poster. (Kansas City Convention Center.)
(Sunday 26-May-2013 23:19:22)

8896-138896-13 high-res image
Pat Larson, tending bar at Kansas City in 2016 Speakeasy Party, at Baycon 31.
(Sunday 26-May-2013 23:19:39)

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