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8891-018891-01 high-res image
Sign at rest stop.
(Thursday 23-May-2013 18:12:30)

"Misión San Antonio de Padua
(turn off 5 miles north)

Located in the valley of the San Antonio River within the Santa Lucia Range, Misión San Antonio de Padua, established on July 14, 1771, was the third in a series of missions founded in Alta California by Father Junípero Serra. Its picturesque setting makes it one of todays most outstanding examples of early mission life.

California Registered Historical Landmark no. 232

Plaque placed by the State Department of Parks and Recreation, in cooperation with the California Historical Landmarks Advisory Committee, and the Department of Public Works."

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"WARNING. Do not drink this water. It shows a high degree of contamination. Nitrate Level High. By order of Monterey County Health Department."
(Thursday 23-May-2013 18:52:35)

8891-038891-03 high-res image
Zena Zeres has a bucket she'll loan me.
(Thursday 23-May-2013 20:22:28)

8891-048891-04 high-res image
Sabre, chair.
(Thursday 23-May-2013 23:27:44)

8891-058891-05 high-res image
Cubbies. Not enough to make this layer all match...
(Friday 24-May-2013 01:00:20)

8891-068891-06 high-res image
...But I can add the pieces from this other set.
(Friday 24-May-2013 01:00:33)

8891-078891-07 high-res image
And the last set is a different size (wire gauge) so I'll need to borrow tie-wraps.
(Friday 24-May-2013 01:11:19)

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