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8842-018842-01 high-res image
Giorgia in a borrowed jacket.
(Saturday 30-Mar-2013 21:58:50)

8842-028842-02 high-res image
Regina Reynante in her "TARDIS" dress.
(Saturday 30-Mar-2013 22:36:42)

8842-038842-03 high-res image
Someone and somebody. They made their costumes from different colors of duct tape.
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(Saturday 30-Mar-2013 22:37:32)

8842-048842-04 high-res image
Gregg Reynante, Regina Reynante and Corwin Reynante.
(Saturday 30-Mar-2013 22:39:02)

8842-05 high-res image, 8842-06 high-res image.
Sarah Goldberg giving instructions at Wondercon 2013 Masquerade's Green Room.
(Saturday 30-Mar-2013 22:42:32)

8842-088842-08 high-res image
Sarah Goldberg, Giorgia, and Cipriana Ramirez.
(Saturday 30-Mar-2013 22:44:26)

8842-09 high-res image, 8842-10 high-res image.
Victor Foglio and Phil Foglio.
(Saturday 30-Mar-2013 23:09:38)

8842-118842-11 high-res image
Victor Foglio, Phil Foglio and Sarah Goldberg.
(Saturday 30-Mar-2013 23:10:16)

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