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8819-018819-01 high-res image
Connie Willis.
(Friday 08-Mar-2013 20:24:48)

8819-028819-02 high-res image
Sign for our party, "Let's do the Time Warp. Again. Loscon Party 2309, Saturday Night, 9-ish 'till Whenever."
(Friday 08-Mar-2013 20:26:52)

8819-038819-03 high-res image
Cassandra Faulkner (Sandi).
(Friday 08-Mar-2013 20:30:16)

8819-048819-04 high-res image
Ironing my headbands.
(Friday 08-Mar-2013 20:54:58)

8819-058819-05 high-res image
Sign for "San Diego in 2015, A Bid to Host Westercon 68, the 68th West Coast Science Fantasy Conference. July 2-5, 2015. www.SanDiegoin2015.ORG. Join us at a party on Friday night to celebrate the 1915 Panama-Mars-California Exposition! from 9:00 PM till Midnight in Room 2208. Tower by the pool, second floor, directly above the con suite. Sample Exotic Delicacies! Try some Martian Canal Water! We are bidding to hold Westercon 68 at this hotel."
(Friday 08-Mar-2013 21:09:08)

8819-068819-06 high-res image
"Caution, Unstable Portal. Do NOT Enter."
(Friday 08-Mar-2013 21:09:24)

8819-078819-07 high-res image
"Mars Bars. Banned from consumption by the Intergalactic Transportation Security Administration."
(Friday 08-Mar-2013 21:09:40)

8819-088819-08 high-res image
Bottle of "Martian Canal Water."
(Friday 08-Mar-2013 21:10:12)

8819-098819-09 high-res image
Ron Oakes (RonO), behind a bottle of Martian Canal Water.
(Friday 08-Mar-2013 21:10:22)

8819-108819-10 high-res image
Adam Tilghman at the San Diego in 2015 Westercon bid table.
(Friday 08-Mar-2013 21:10:34)

8819-118819-11 high-res image
Ron Oakes.
(Friday 08-Mar-2013 21:10:52)

8819-12 high-res image, 8819-13 high-res image.
Eric P. Scott and Ron Ontell.
(Friday 08-Mar-2013 21:11:10)

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