Shyloh and Cherika (29-Dec-2012)

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8759-018759-01 high-res image
Corner of Wallingsford and Ruth Elaine.
(Saturday 29-Dec-2012 13:47:54)

8759-028759-02 high-res image
Cherika Jenkins and Shyloh Alary.
(Saturday 29-Dec-2012 13:50:52)

8759-038759-03 high-res image
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(Saturday 29-Dec-2012 13:52:18)

8759-048759-04 high-res image
Cherika Jenkins.
(Saturday 29-Dec-2012 19:08:42)

8759-05 high-res image, 8759-07 high-res image.
Shyloh Alary.
(Saturday 29-Dec-2012 19:08:58)

8759-068759-06 high-res image
Chaz Boston Baden. [Photo by Shyloh Alary]
(Saturday 29-Dec-2012 19:09:16)