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Thanks to Timothy Jones, David Cuyno, @StandbyPlease, Lauren Justice, FIReNVY for caption help on this page.

8727-018727-01 high-res image
Dan Torres.
(Saturday 03-Nov-2012 21:11:18)

8727-028727-02 high-res image
"@StandbyPlease." "@StandbyPlease heroically pauses for a photo op by the registration desk at Equestria LA, between battling the overwhelming forces of darkness, the schmooze, mediocrity, boredom, whatever..."
(Saturday 03-Nov-2012 21:11:48)

8727-048727-04 high-res image
Ashley Warriner.
(Saturday 03-Nov-2012 21:15:25)

8727-058727-05 high-res image
Vanilla Daze.
(Saturday 03-Nov-2012 21:19:39)

8727-068727-06 high-res image
Spenser Fernandez.
(Saturday 03-Nov-2012 21:21:14)

8727-078727-07 high-res image
Andrew Goclowski, Ashley Warriner, Brandon Hess, and a few others.
(Saturday 03-Nov-2012 21:26:38)

8727-088727-08 high-res image
Brandon Hess (FIReNVY).
(Saturday 03-Nov-2012 21:27:16)

8727-098727-09 high-res image
Sunshine Smiles, from Derpy Hooves News.
(Saturday 03-Nov-2012 21:38:31)

8727-108727-10 high-res image
Thomas Vollum.
(Saturday 03-Nov-2012 21:49:31)

8727-128727-12 high-res image
Caitlin "Kitsune" Findley, and Kelly Hanken.
(Saturday 03-Nov-2012 21:53:41)

8727-138727-13 high-res image
The Brony Dance.
(Saturday 03-Nov-2012 21:54:02)

8727-148727-14 high-res image
Stephanie Angus and Carling McGuire.
(Saturday 03-Nov-2012 22:56:39)

8727-158727-15 high-res image
Connor Foss, Crimson Blaze, and Stephanie Angus.
(Saturday 03-Nov-2012 22:57:35)

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