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8717-148717-14 high-res image
Our party room. Room 2308 at the Town & Country. I have one of my flamingo towels hung up on my shelves, and the microwave oven is there to heat up the tortillas.
(Saturday 06-Oct-2012 20:09:53)

8717-158717-15 high-res image
Cubbies in use.
(Saturday 06-Oct-2012 20:10:15)

8717-168717-16 high-res image
Margarita station.
(Saturday 06-Oct-2012 20:10:38)

8717-018717-01 high-res image
Bottled water, Jarritos Lime Soda, and beer.
(Saturday 06-Oct-2012 20:10:51)

8717-028717-02 high-res image
Assorted cans of soda.
(Saturday 06-Oct-2012 20:11:02)

8717-038717-03 high-res image
Chips and salsa and guacamole and tomatoes and hot sauce.
(Saturday 06-Oct-2012 20:11:28)

8717-048717-04 high-res image
Boats, plates, spoons, beans, rice, chicken mole crockpot.
(Saturday 06-Oct-2012 20:11:37)

8717-058717-05 high-res image
Brownies, Oreos, Gummy Worms.
(Saturday 06-Oct-2012 20:11:59)

8717-068717-06 high-res image
Wooden platter for the Mayan Cheese Pyramid.
(Saturday 06-Oct-2012 20:12:10)

8717-078717-07 high-res image
"Taco Party" sign on the murphy bed enclosure.
(Saturday 06-Oct-2012 20:12:22)

8717-088717-08 high-res image
Mayan Cheese Pyramid.
(Saturday 06-Oct-2012 21:04:49)

8717-098717-09 high-res image
Maria Rodriguez has finished a baby blanket.
(Saturday 06-Oct-2012 21:18:25)

8717-108717-10 high-res image
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(Saturday 06-Oct-2012 21:39:58)

8717-118717-11 high-res image
Karen Padilla and Jason Justice.
(Saturday 06-Oct-2012 21:40:51)

8717-128717-12 high-res image
Note zombie bedspread makes a nifty tablecloth.
(Saturday 06-Oct-2012 22:02:02)

8717-138717-13 high-res image
Arabella Benson (Belle).
(Saturday 06-Oct-2012 22:29:32)

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