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8703-128703-12 high-res image
The Tower, exterior.
(Saturday 13-Oct-2012 16:08:38)

8703-018703-01 high-res image
Elizabeth Klein-Lebbink and Glenn Glazer.
(Saturday 13-Oct-2012 13:57:04)

8703-028703-02 high-res image
Elayne Pelz and Cathy.
(Saturday 13-Oct-2012 13:57:16)

8703-038703-03 high-res image
Elizabeth, Glenn, Sherri, Bobbi, Genny, and Jerome Scott.
(Saturday 13-Oct-2012 13:57:24)

8703-048703-04 high-res image
Fuzzy Niven, Kimberlee Brown, James Daugherty.
(Saturday 13-Oct-2012 14:13:24)

8703-058703-05 high-res image
Sandy Cohen.
(Saturday 13-Oct-2012 14:13:38)

8703-068703-06 high-res image
Cathy, Elayne Pelz, Elizabeth, Glenn, Sherri, Bobbi.
(Saturday 13-Oct-2012 14:20:22)

8703-078703-07 high-res image
The Bear Pit Bar-B-Q, Missouri Style, in Granada Hills.
(Saturday 13-Oct-2012 14:44:24)

8703-098703-09 high-res image
Sherri Benoun.
(Saturday 13-Oct-2012 14:46:04)

8703-108703-10 high-res image
Bobbi Armbruster, Glenn Glazer, and Christian.
(Saturday 13-Oct-2012 14:46:12)

8703-118703-11 high-res image
Chaz Boston Baden. [Photo by Christian B. McGuire]
(Saturday 13-Oct-2012 14:46:30)

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