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"Fifi." The clouds were playing silly games in the sky when Fifi noticed a smaller cloud standing all alone. "Why aren't you playing with the others?" Fifi asked the little cloud. "I'm trying to change into pretty shapes, but I don't know how!" the cloud answered. Fifi had an idea. She found a stick and drew the outlines of a heart, a square, and a diamond in the sand. "Jump in - and try to stay inside the lines," Fifi urged as the cloud floated down. Together, they made lots of different shapes until it was time for the cloud to go home. When Fifi looked up to wave goodbye, the little cloud had changed into the shape of Fifi's favorite friend, a poodle, all by itself!
(Tuesday 16-Oct-2012 04:58:44)

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"Galaxy." Galaxy gazed out the window at the shimmery stars before crawling into bed. "It must be fun to twinkle in the sky," she thought dreamily, then fell sound asleep. A little star heard her thought and twinkled at her window. "Come out and play," it whispered in a tinkling voice. Still asleep, Galaxy followed the little star up to the sky where all the stars had gathered for a midnight party with the Big Dipper. To her surprise, the Little Dipper sprinkled stardust on Galaxy, and her eyes twinkled as brightly as the stars around her! At exactly one minute before midnight, the little star led Galaxy back to her bed. "It must have been a dream!" Galaxy yawned when she awoke in the morning. When she peeked at herself in the mirror, her eyes still twinkled brightly, and she realized that her midnight adventure had been real!
(Tuesday 16-Oct-2012 04:55:08)

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"Gingerbread." It was a crisp autumn day and Gingerbread decided to bake special cookies as a surprise for the ponies. She sifted and stirred until the batter was smooth. Then she shaped the cookies into little gingerbread men. "What shall I use for their eyes?" she wondered, searching the cupboard for a decoration. In the far corner, she spotted a jar of sugary stardust North Star had given her. "This will do just fine," she giggled, curious to see the results. She mixed the powder, carefully dropped it onto the cookies and popped them in the oven to bake. The ponies arrived just as Gingerbread was taking the cookies out of the oven. To everyone's surprise, the stardust she used for the eyes made them sparkle and shine just like the ponies' eyes! All the ponies agreed that these were the best gingerbread men cookies they had ever tasted!
(Tuesday 16-Oct-2012 04:55:24)

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"Masquerade." "Let me help you make gumdrops today!" Masquerade suggested to Sweet Stuff. Sweet Stuff accepted her offer and instructed Masquerade to gather some colors from the rainbow to make the gumdrops extra special. As the rainbow sprinkled a gentle shower of pretty colors, a tiny pink raindrop splattered all over Masquerade's sunglasses! She blinked her eyes and suddenly became striped with rainbow colors from her mane to her tail! Masquerade hurried back to show Sweet Stuff, changing from color to color every time she blinked her twinkle eyes. Sweet Stuff laughed with delight when she saw what the magic sunglasses had done. For the rest of the afternoon, the two friends playfully changed their colors with Masquerade's sunglasses while nibbling delicious gumdrops.
(Tuesday 16-Oct-2012 04:55:50)

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"Sweet Stuff." While the ponies slept, Sweet Stuff gathered colors from the rainbow for her gumdrops. She mixed the bright colors, sprinkled a sweet coating of moondust honey on the gumdrops and put them into little baskets for the baby ponies at the Lullabye Nursery. "Would you like a ride?" Lofty offered, floating by in her hot air balloon. At the nursery, the baby ponies watched in amazement as Lofty's balloon floated above. Sweet Stuff had a wonderful idea! With a blink of her eyes, she changed some of the gumdrops into bright balloons. The two friends tied the balloons to gumdrop baskets and tossed them into the air. The baby ponies chased the balloons as they fell to the ground and cheered when they discovered the delicious surprise they carried.
(Tuesday 16-Oct-2012 04:57:40)

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"Fizzy." Fizzy is a silly little pony who is always stumbling or bumping into things. One hot afternoon on her way to the Waterfall for a swim, Fizzy tripped over a tree stump and landed on a bed of moss. The moss was so soft and comfortable that she decided to take a nap. While she slept, she dreamt of the Waterfall over-flowing with streams of root beer and cream soda. She imagined mounds of chocolate and vanilla ice cream floating at the bottom. Suddenly, Gingerbread shook Fizzy awake! "Look, the Waterfall turned into a soda fountain!" Gingerbread exclaimed. Fizzy's eyes sparkled at the sight! Lickety-Split added the ice cream while Cherries Jubilee topped it off with a juicy cherry. "My dream came true!" Fizzy chanted, dancing over to the Waterfall for a taste. The ponies joined her for a treat that tasted like a dream!
(Tuesday 16-Oct-2012 04:54:52)

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"Whizzer." Today was the day of the big race! Whizzer's eyes twinkled as she joined the others behind the starting line. "Ready, set... GO!" Magic Star called, waving her wand to start the race. The ponies were off in a flash, soaring into the bright blue sky. Whizzer flew as fast as her pegasus wings would carry her. Soon, she was far ahead of the others. She whisked around Mr. Sun, performed a spectacular double loop around the rainbow's arch then pranced towards the red ribbon finish line. The audience cheered as Whizzer ripped through the ribbon, the others still far behind. Buttons presented Whizzer with the winning prize - a beanie made from moonbeams, flashing comet tails, and a glittering stardust propeller. Then Buttons tied blue satin ribbons in the manes of all the ponies who ran the race. The day ended with a celebration feast of Fizzy's ice cream sodas, Cupcake's tiny cakes and Gingerbread's cookies.
(Tuesday 16-Oct-2012 04:58:02)

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"Sweet Pop." Winter had cast its icy shadow throughout Pony Land with snowydays and cold nights. Sweet Pop longed for the warmth of summer and the taste of ice pops, her favorite summer treat. One afternoon while skating on the pond, she noticed the Sea Ponies licking icicles at the edge of the Waterfall. Excitedly, she borrowed some secret flavorings from Cupcake and asked the rainbow for a jar of bright colors. Just before dusk, Sweet Pop poured the ingredients into the Waterfall then flew up to the brightest star to make a special wish. Bouncy woke Sweet Pop early the next morning. "Come see what's at the Waterfall," she urged her friend. Hanging from the Waterfall were hundreds of colorful ice pops! All the ponies were thrilled at having a taste of summer in the middle of the winter.
(Tuesday 16-Oct-2012 04:57:24)

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"Speedy." The ponies decided to spend a rainy afternoon exploring the attic of the Paradise Estate. As they dug through the boxes, Speedy discovered a pair of blue roller skates with a note attached that HANDLE WITH CARE. "What could be so special about an old pair of Skates?" she wondered. As soon as the rain stopped, Speedy and the other ponies raced outdoors to try out the skates. Carefully, she stepped into the skates when, suddenly, she was speeding along the ground, faster than a rocket! She zoomed up a hill and into the air, whooshing through a surprised cloud, before floating down to where Bouncy stood, laughing with delight. "What a ride," Speedy exclaimed. Then she asked with a big smile, "Who's next?"
(Tuesday 16-Oct-2012 04:57:08)

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"Sky Rocket." "What a dreary day, Sky Rocket thought as she gathered pretty pebbles by the Waterfall. Nasty, grey clouds lurked quietly overhead. "I wish I could brighten up the sky," she sighed. Suddenly, she noticed and unusual object on the ground. It was the shiniest pebble she had ever seen, beaming with beautiful colors, just like her eyes! Sky Rocket tossed the pebble into the Waterfall. Brilliant shades of red, blue, yellow and green jumped out of the water and into the air, filling the sky with dazzling explosions of color. Like magic, the grey clouds disappeared and Mr. Sun lit the sky, shining as bright as could be.
(Tuesday 16-Oct-2012 04:56:50)

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"Rosedust." The dew drops glistened in the early morning sun as Rosedust scampered off to pick roses from her garden. There she found Molly and Baby Sundance practicing a difficult high jump over the fence. "You can do it!" Molly urged. As Baby Sundance took a giant step backwards, Rosedust fluttered her magical wings to wish her luck. "I did it!" Baby Sundance cried, landing gracefully. Rosedust rewarded each of them for their courage with a beautiful bouquet of red roses.
(Tuesday 16-Oct-2012 05:55:40)

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"Honeysuckle." The colorful leaves fell to the ground one by one. It was time for Honeysuckle to change the season from Autumn to Winter. She gathered snow crystals from a secret ice cave and flew into the sky, sprinkling the crystals into the clouds and ponds. Snowflakes began to dance down from the clouds as the ponds iced over. Honeysuckle watched from above as children donned their mittens and scarves, ready to build snowmen and slide down snow covered hills. It would be a wonderful winter indeed!
(Tuesday 16-Oct-2012 05:50:42)

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"Morning Glory." The whistling wind rustled through the leaves, as Morning Glory began her journey to spread good luck. Before long, she came upon a little town covered by thunderous rainclouds. Inside the houses were unhappy children longing for sunshine and gentle breezes. Morning Glory sat atop a dark cloud, closed her eyes and flapped her wings. When she opened her eyes, sunbeams danced about and the children were frollicking in the warm air, happy at play.
(Tuesday 16-Oct-2012 05:53:04)

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"Peach Blossom." The ponies were getting ready for a good night's sleep as dusk settled over Ponyland. Peach Blossom wanted to make sure everyone would enjoy a pleasant dream. Quickly, she leaped into the air and arranged the stars in a circle, sprinkling sweet-dream-dust on each one. Then she fluttered her magical wings and the stars took their places in the sky. Each star beamed with happy thoughts of sugar coated mountains and colorful rainbows. Peach Blossom flew gracefully to the ground, knowing that beautiful dreams awaited.
(Tuesday 16-Oct-2012 05:49:08)

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"Forget-Me-Not." Forget-Me-Not gathered all the ponies in the meadow for a surprise birthday party. There were balloons, presents, and a birthday cake that said "Happy Birthday Megan." Then she placed a candle made of glittering stardust on the cake. When Megan arrived, a beautiful sprinkling of stardust showered the air. Everyone laughed as the stardust whirled around them. Megan's wish to share her birthday with all her friends had come true!
(Tuesday 16-Oct-2012 05:48:20)

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"Lily." The baby ponies were anxiously awaiting Lily's visit to the Lullabye Nursery and today was the day! Lily brought lots of presents, played games and sang songs with the baby ponies. At bedtime, Lily told them how Flutter Ponies spread good luck by flapping their magical wings. Then she gave each one a goodnight kiss and flew off into the sky. High above the clouds, Lily watched over her little friends, filling their heads with sweet dreams. She was already planning her next visit that was sure to be full of happy surprises!
(Tuesday 16-Oct-2012 05:57:18)

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