Sarah's Big Birthday (09/10-Sep-2012)

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8651-018651-01 high-res image
Maria Rodriguez and Sarah Goldberg, about to go to Disneyland for the day.
(Sunday 09-Sep-2012 08:50:34)

8651-028651-02 high-res image
Maria, Sarah, and Spike, at the Jazz Kitchen Express.
(Sunday 09-Sep-2012 18:07:10)

8651-038651-03 high-res image
Sarah Goldberg.
(Sunday 09-Sep-2012 18:07:54)

8651-048651-04 high-res image
Kenny "Spike" Dodds, Maria Rodriguez and Lynn Baden.
(Sunday 09-Sep-2012 18:08:14)

8651-058651-05 high-res image
Alex Halcyon.
(Sunday 09-Sep-2012 18:08:34)

8651-068651-06 high-res image
Chaz Boston Baden. [Photo by Alex Halcyon]
(Sunday 09-Sep-2012 18:08:42)

8651-078651-07 high-res image
Alex Halcyon and Sarah Goldberg.
(Sunday 09-Sep-2012 18:09:12)

8651-088651-08 high-res image
Kenny "Spike" Dodds.
(Sunday 09-Sep-2012 18:25:38)

8651-098651-09 high-res image
Sarah Goldberg and the scarf that Lynn & Maria picked up in their travels.
(Sunday 09-Sep-2012 18:42:56)

8651-108651-10 high-res image
Maria Rodriguez.
(Sunday 09-Sep-2012 18:45:04)

8651-118651-11 high-res image
Disneyland Resort Directory.
(Sunday 09-Sep-2012 18:57:58)

8651-128651-12 high-res image
Spike and Sarah.
(Sunday 09-Sep-2012 19:13:42)

8651-138651-13 high-res image
Trader Sam's Enchanted Tiki Bar.
(Sunday 09-Sep-2012 23:51:16)

8651-148651-14 high-res image
Sarah Goldberg with some of her birthday presents: Blue Curaçao and beer.
(Sunday 09-Sep-2012 23:56:08)

8651-158651-15 high-res image
Sarah Goldberg and Erica.
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(Monday 10-Sep-2012 00:03:30)

8651-168651-16 high-res image
Some of the memorabilia on the wall. The empty box says "in case of hippo attack break glass."
(Monday 10-Sep-2012 00:04)

8651-178651-17 high-res image
The bar.
(Monday 10-Sep-2012 00:05:14)

8651-18 high-res image, 8651-19 high-res image.
Sarah Goldberg, having just ordered her very first drink with her just-turned-21 ID card.
(Monday 10-Sep-2012 00:14)