Lindsay and Myion's Housecooling Party (08-Sep-2012)

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8650-018650-01 high-res image
Harry the Hat.
(Saturday 08-Sep-2012 11:25:10)

8650-028650-02 high-res image
Someone actually managed to fit their little car in my usual parking space.
(Saturday 08-Sep-2012 11:35:22)

8650-038650-03 high-res image
Lindsay and Myion's apartment complex.
(Saturday 08-Sep-2012 15:02:56)

8650-048650-04 high-res image
Lindsay Tallman.
(Saturday 08-Sep-2012 15:06:58)

8650-058650-05 high-res image
Lindsay Tallman and Myion.
(Saturday 08-Sep-2012 15:08:20)

8650-068650-06 high-res image
Chaz Boston Baden. [Photo by Lindsay Tallman]
(Saturday 08-Sep-2012 15:10:10)

8650-078650-07 high-res image
Lindsay Tallman.
(Saturday 08-Sep-2012 15:10:20)

8650-088650-08 high-res image
Brooke Saltveit and Mikal Saltveit.
(Saturday 08-Sep-2012 15:11:02)

8650-098650-09 high-res image
Someone and Myion.
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(Saturday 08-Sep-2012 15:11:14)