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8639-018639-01 high-res image
Buena Park Community Center.
(Sunday 26-Aug-2012 13:07:44)

8639-028639-02 high-res image
Natalie Meyer at head table, in her capacity as next year's Costume College dean.
(Sunday 26-Aug-2012 13:09:12)

8639-038639-03 high-res image
Someone, someone else, somebody, somebody else, and 6 others.
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(Sunday 26-Aug-2012 13:09:28)

8639-048639-04 high-res image
Natalie Meyer.
(Sunday 26-Aug-2012 13:09:44)

8639-058639-05 high-res image
Malcolm Scott and Jess Miller.
(Sunday 26-Aug-2012 13:09:58)

8639-068639-06 high-res image
Tadao Tomomatsu.
(Sunday 26-Aug-2012 16:18:54)

8639-078639-07 high-res image
Hof's Hut in Buena Park.
(Sunday 26-Aug-2012 16:19:08)

8639-08 high-res image, 8639-09 high-res image, 8639-11 high-res image.
Tadao Tomomatsu.
(Sunday 26-Aug-2012 16:26:44)

8639-108639-10 high-res image
Lynn Baden and Chaz Boston Baden. [Photo by Tadao Tomomatsu]
(Sunday 26-Aug-2012 16:27:20)

8639-128639-12 high-res image
Colleen Crosby, CGW President.
(Sunday 26-Aug-2012 16:41:36)

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