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Lynn's big gift from myself and Maria and Spike is a blanket chest.
(Saturday 21-Jul-2012 10:07:44)

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Two chocolate cakes with buttercream frosting. Maria made the cakes and decorated them using the frosting I made.
(Saturday 21-Jul-2012 10:54:04)

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Setting up the back yard for the party.
(Saturday 21-Jul-2012 10:57:48)

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We have a variety of plastic cups.
(Saturday 21-Jul-2012 10:57:54)

8598-058598-05 high-res image
Sylvia Boston and her friend Verna Ivy.
(Saturday 21-Jul-2012 12:22:22)

8598-068598-06 high-res image
Julia Doolittle and Caitlin Doolittle.
(Saturday 21-Jul-2012 12:42:50)

8598-078598-07 high-res image
Maria in kitchen. Lynn Baden with "Birthday Girl" goblet.
(Saturday 21-Jul-2012 12:43:02)

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Chaz Boston Baden and Sylvia Boston.
(Saturday 21-Jul-2012 12:43:36)

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(Saturday 21-Jul-2012 12:46:08)

8598-108598-10 high-res image
Lynn Baden and Anne Nabors.
(Saturday 21-Jul-2012 13:16:18)

8598-118598-11 high-res image
Lynn's ice cream cake. "Happy 50th Birthday Lynn!"
(Saturday 21-Jul-2012 13:37:48)

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Someone, somebody and Lynn Baden.
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(Saturday 21-Jul-2012 13:54:12)

8598-138598-13 high-res image
Alec Orrock.
(Saturday 21-Jul-2012 13:55:18)

8598-148598-14 high-res image
We've opened up the ice cream cake. It has white cake and Mississippi Mud ice cream.
(Saturday 21-Jul-2012 13:57:18)

8598-158598-15 high-res image
Lighting the "50" candles.
(Saturday 21-Jul-2012 14:00:02)

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