Costumer's Guild West Board Meeting (19-May-2012)

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8588-018588-01 high-res image
Amy Calcote, recording secretary.
(Saturday 19-May-2012 14:41:24)

8588-028588-02 high-res image
(Name withheld by request) and Colleen Crosby, president.
(Saturday 19-May-2012 14:41:40)

8588-038588-03 high-res image
Colleen Crosby, president, and Natalie Meyer (obscured).
(Saturday 19-May-2012 14:41:54)

8588-05 high-res image, 8588-07 high-res image.
Shawn Crosby.
(Saturday 19-May-2012 14:42:44)