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8532-138532-13 high-res image
Loscon party. Paper gears on door, posters on the wall.
(Saturday 12-May-2012 16:18:12)

8532-148532-14 high-res image
Loscon poster, covering up the scary painting.
(Saturday 12-May-2012 16:43:16)

8532-158532-15 high-res image
Gears and snowflakes. Chips and stuff on the little table.
(Saturday 12-May-2012 16:43:24)

8532-018532-01 high-res image
Zombie chips, regular chips. Oreos, Twinkies. Cups and the margarita fixings. Salsa, hot sauce, tomato and lime for the tacos.
(Saturday 12-May-2012 16:43:34)

8532-028532-02 high-res image
Drinks, including the Mexican cokes at left.
(Saturday 12-May-2012 16:43:46)

8532-038532-03 high-res image
Posters to decorate the wall.
(Saturday 12-May-2012 16:43:58)

8532-048532-04 high-res image
Zombie bedspread.
(Saturday 12-May-2012 16:44:08)

8532-058532-05 high-res image
Rice cooker, chicken mole, beans, carnitas, tortillas.
(Saturday 12-May-2012 16:44:36)

8532-068532-06 high-res image
More posters in the Loscon party room.
(Saturday 12-May-2012 16:45:02)

8532-078532-07 high-res image
Someone, somebody, and someone else.
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(Saturday 12-May-2012 17:00:14)

8532-088532-08 high-res image
Ron Oakes and Kate Evans at the Conjecture 2012 table.
(Saturday 12-May-2012 17:02:46)

8532-098532-09 high-res image
Phil Davis.
(Saturday 12-May-2012 17:14:12)

8532-10 high-res image, 8532-12 high-res image.
Margaret Mannatt.
(Saturday 12-May-2012 17:14:36)

8532-118532-11 high-res image
Chaz Boston Baden trying on a hat. [Photo by Phil Davis]
(Saturday 12-May-2012 17:16:34)

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