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8507-148507-14 high-res image
Smash, John Blaker, Cathy Mullican, Kevin Standlee and Joyce Hooper raise their glasses.
(Friday 25-May-2012 21:47:12)

8507-018507-01 high-res image
Kevin Anderson.
(Friday 25-May-2012 21:48:54)

8507-028507-02 high-res image
"Smash" (Bryan Manternach).
(Friday 25-May-2012 21:49:06)

8507-038507-03 high-res image
Kevin Standlee.
(Friday 25-May-2012 21:49:34)

8507-048507-04 high-res image
Father John Blaker.
(Friday 25-May-2012 21:49:46)

8507-058507-05 high-res image
Smash and Lisa Hayes.
(Friday 25-May-2012 21:49:58)

8507-068507-06 high-res image
Bill Taylor, Allie Johnson, Glenn Glazer, and Brad.
(Friday 25-May-2012 21:50:20)

8507-078507-07 high-res image
Colleen Savitzky.
(Friday 25-May-2012 21:50:32)

8507-088507-08 high-res image
Patrick Beckstead, Joyce Hooper, and Scott Beckstead.
(Friday 25-May-2012 21:50:46)

8507-098507-09 high-res image
Someone, somebody, and Heather Stern.
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(Friday 25-May-2012 21:50:52)

8507-108507-10 high-res image
Bradford Lyau, Bill Taylor and Glenn Glazer.
(Friday 25-May-2012 21:51:08)

8507-118507-11 high-res image
David Clark background left, Scott Dennis, Christian B. McGuire in background, Regina Reynante, and Michael.
(Friday 25-May-2012 21:51:24)

8507-128507-12 high-res image
Tony Cratz.
(Friday 25-May-2012 21:51:36)

8507-138507-13 high-res image
Jim Dennis and Tony Cratz.
(Friday 25-May-2012 21:51:46)

8507-158507-15 high-res image
Bobbie Du Fault.
(Friday 25-May-2012 21:52:18)

8507-16 high-res image, 8507-18 high-res image.
Tom Galloway.
(Friday 25-May-2012 21:52:46)

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