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8506-018506-01 high-res image
Christian B. McGuire.
(Friday 25-May-2012 21:08:22)

8506-028506-02 high-res image
Christian B. McGuire and Glenn Glazer (obscured) in the background; Regina Reynante giving out Memorial Ribbons and inviting people to sign the guestbook.
(Friday 25-May-2012 21:09:32)

8506-038506-03 high-res image
James background left. Christina O'Halloran and John O'Halloran.
(Friday 25-May-2012 21:09:54)

8506-058506-05 high-res image
James and Chris Garcia.
(Friday 25-May-2012 21:10:28)

8506-068506-06 high-res image
G. David Nordley.
(Friday 25-May-2012 21:11:14)

8506-078506-07 high-res image
David Clark.
(Friday 25-May-2012 21:12:24)

8506-088506-08 high-res image
Chris Garcia and Michael Siladi.
(Friday 25-May-2012 21:16:16)

8506-098506-09 high-res image
Kevin Standlee and Chris Garcia.
(Friday 25-May-2012 21:24:48)

8506-10 high-res image, 8506-18 high-res image.
Joyce Hooper.
(Friday 25-May-2012 21:27:06)

8506-04 high-res image, 8506-11 high-res image.
Glenn Glazer.
(Friday 25-May-2012 21:10:16)

8506-128506-12 high-res image
John O'Halloran.
(Friday 25-May-2012 21:29:38)

8506-13 high-res image, 8506-19 high-res image.
Randy Smith.
(Friday 25-May-2012 21:31:50)

8506-148506-14 high-res image
Elisa Sheets and Chris Garcia.
(Friday 25-May-2012 21:32:58)

8506-158506-15 high-res image
Karl Thiessen.
(Friday 25-May-2012 21:44:04)

8506-168506-16 high-res image
Tom Galloway, Randy Smith, Chris Garcia, Bradford Lyau, and someone else.
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(Friday 25-May-2012 21:47:02)

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