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Sarah Goldberg. I'm picking her up at the Flying J on my way north. At this point I'm about 5 hours behind schedule.
(Thursday 24-May-2012 17:35:52)

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Chaz Boston Baden. [Photo by Sarah Goldberg]
(Thursday 24-May-2012 17:36:02)

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Morgan Woods, in the parking garage in San Jose.
(Thursday 24-May-2012 22:25:54)

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Sandahl von Sydow.
(Thursday 24-May-2012 23:26:44)

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Morgan Woods in her costume.
(Thursday 24-May-2012 23:27:26)

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Sable Lofy, Edie McCracken and Corinne Soutar.
(Thursday 24-May-2012 23:52:08)

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